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    Boys love to wear hats or girls love to wear hats?

    • Author:AUNG GROWN
    • Source:AUNG GROWN
    • Release on:2017-12-20
    Do not know if you have not noticed a phenomenon, that is, for domestic users, the boys prefer to wear hats or girls love hats, the following hat net try to compare this simple analysis, I hope some of the data-sensitive friends help. 
    From a wide range of understanding, we may acquiesce in the past, wearing a hat this accessory is definitely more girls than boys, because girls are more interested in, but also prefer to use some accessories to dress themselves. This is the best understanding, but also recognized as a common imagination.

    But in fact may not be the case, because in addition to girls, men are also wearing a large crowd of hats, and even wear a much larger proportion than girls, mainly for the following reasons:

    1, boys can wear good accessories, for boys, the head can choose the accessories in addition to the hat I am afraid there is no fact, so for them, if you want to dress, then the hat is the only choice;
    2, boys are more concerned about those who can keep their own head decoration, from the male perspective, dress is a factor, there is another factor is practical, the hat as a warm and sunshade and essential is also very practical and effective;

    3, boys pay more attention to those who can enhance their identity jewelry, although the hat is not the only one can enhance their own, but from a different point of view, the hat is also a very good choice.