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    The most popular 9 styles beautiful hats, bling street snap scene

    • Author:qincai
    • Source:www.wholesaler-hats.com
    • Release on :2014-12-11

    The most popular 9 styles beautiful hats, bling street snap scene

    Key words: hats  dress up  winter clothing  knit hat  celebrity street snap

    The animal pattern has been widespread in the T stage from 2010. but leopard pattern as a unfailing factor , has been liked by many people, this street snap expert is so crazy about the leopard pattern.
    If the simple black suit without the match of the leopard pattern Harem Pants, will be depressing and lifeless, and the leopard pattern has appeared on the hat,the simple and compacte design makes the model’s modeling of the head looks really delicacy, the model has chosen twice for the leopard pattern, but haven’t felt messy and giddy, she has used the black to separate it, feels capable and experienced.

    The hat philosophy: it has strengthened the clothing factor, but won’t feel miscellaneous. Because the model used the black suit,high-heel shoes and handbag, the two colors combine together, but still looks great.

    The beautiful classics water blue homburg.

    Popular TV programs like Gossip Girl, even though the watching focus is the drama.But many girls like their clothes so much.B is wearing the light blue coat, the amazing line of beauty, match with the light blue dot skirt, will be a little monotonous,but she wears a water blue homburg, then she looks so sweet, and more importantly, the handbag with the same color makes the whole

    The hat philosophy:the good quality and the beautiful colors can make the overall mix looks more outstanding,try to choose the same color scheme, it will makes you looks good.

    Fashion straw hat

    The summer in 2010 is the widespread season for hats, love for the straw hat can last to Autumn and winter.If you know more about the straw hat, you will know the story between the straw hat and the nation pattern. The straw plaited article belongs to the plain nation, when it meets with the Nathional style shirt and the floral scarf, it will show the harmonious aesthetic feelings.

    The hat philosophy: know about  how to wear the look every styles’ hat, just like the straw hat and the National style, if you don’t want to be stand out,you can just add a little factor in your daily clothing, just like the condiment, only need a little will make the food be delicious.

    The cold Autumn and winter  the fur hat

    For this cap shape, everyone will be familiar with it, in the eighties, many people will wear this kind of fur hat in winter, it is the great design that make the luxury fur with the traditional outline.We can feel warm for both light and dark color, we can put the earlip down or up, both ok.If you don’t like fur,I can tell you, it is the fake fur, but really fashion.

    The hat philosophy:in the cold wind, if we can wear this heavy and luxury hat, you will be the Scene Stealer, also will make you feel warm.

    Mysterious wide brim hat

    The wide brim hat has been very popular.Different from the homburg, the wide brim hat will looks more amazing, the length is almost the same with the shoulder,so te hats looks like the blooming leaf.But it is harsh for the feature,it won’t fit for the feature which is too fat or too flat, it will suit for the long and thin feature.Because of it’s Unique temperament , no matter match with the sweater or the cappa will be very free and romantic.

    The hat philosophy: compare with other hats,the wide brim hat is a bit difficult to deal with,but if your feature suits for it, you will be the most romantic expert in the street.