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    What kinds of fabrics can you choose when customizing a baseball cap?

    Claire Aung Crown 2020-03-12 15:00:01
    Cotton twill card, there are several commonly used. Usually each fabric has a certain yarn count and density. Yarn count refers to the thickness of the woven yarn (I understand it). Density: It is the content of yarn count per unit area, generally 4 square inches. The larger the number representing the yarn count, the finer the yarn; the larger the number representing the density, the higher the content, and vice versa.

    Cotton canvas: 2X2 and 2X3 are commonly used.
    Canvas is usually plain, one on top. There are single warp and double weft, there are double warp and double weft, there are double warp and single weft, and there is strand canvas. The so-called double warp and single weft are usually expressed like this, for example 21 + 21X10 / 70X42, the warp is two 21S yarns, and the weft is 10S. As for why 2X2 is expressed by 10S / 2X2, I also hope that the experts will dial it and tell me about the normal density and weight. There is also 10S / 2X3.

    Cotton poplin: I have almost never used it, so I ca n’t say it. Probably know that it is plain weave, similar to canvas, but the yarn count is very thin, as if it is generally used for lining or sweat band.

    Corduroy: I know this fabric, we usually use 11 and 14 cotton, that is to say, there are 11 or 14 vertical stripes. Then I also know that it is elastic, polyester-cotton, viscose, colored cotton, yarn-dyed, frosted, thick and thin, granular, intermittently cut, and feathered. That's it for the experts to add.

    Polyester Cotton Series
    All the cotton products mentioned above should be found in the polyester-cotton series. What we often say 65/35, 50/50, this is the ratio of polyester and cotton.

    Polyester series
    The polyester fabric I am talking about should be made of chemical fiber. I don't know how the experts divide it. There is a kind of pure polyester yarn card, which is very light in comparison, and some have a bad smell.
    The other is peach skin, Chunya spinning, it should be chemical fiber. Myrtle, plain, twill, and satin.

    1. From the weaving methods: woven and knitted.
    1. Woven: such as yarn card, canvas, etc.
    2. Knitting: such as mesh.

    Explain from the composition of the ingredients: cotton, polyester cotton, polyester (chemical fiber), all nitrile, wool nitrile, cotton and linen, nylon (nylon) and so on.
    1, cotton: such as yarn card, canvas, poplin.
    2. Polyester cotton: such as yarn card, canvas, poplin.
    3, all polyester: such as peach skin, Chun Yafang, polyester card, etc.
    4. Full Nitrile: Acrylic yarn card (I do n’t know how to call it, there is a kind of full acrylic yarn-like fabric, and there is also a wool acrylic fabric similar to what we often say.)
    5, wool nitrile: very familiar, normal use 85% A / 15% W and 80% A / 20% W. Harder, rougher ones.
    6, cotton and linen: not used much
    7, nylon (nylon): such as Taslan.
    Although there are many fabrics for the production of baseball caps, they are mainly cotton, and the cotton fabrics are mainly cotton gauze and canvas.