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    What kind of hat is suitable for your face type?

    • Author:AUNG GROWN
    • Source:AUNG GROWN
    • Release on:2017-12-11
    Choose the right one from the pop.Define your own face and check if there is a suitable hat (cheap promotional baseball caps) or single product in the wardrobe. Otherwise, take advantage of the double eleven craze and choose the way to go out in the fashionable fashion this year.
    Whether it's a thin needle or a thick needle, the wool hat is considered to be the autumn and winter heat preservation artifact. People who are interested in fashion sense can choose the fine thread cap (snapback baseball cap supplier) with simple money, and do not have a concave concave shape. They can wear cool jacket with their jackets. In the post - 90's younger sister's children, they can choose a rough stitch hat with a thick needle and a wool ball on its head, which makes it look warm.
    Unlike the woolen cap that looks slightly lazy, the elegant and natural wide eaves are more of the choice of white-collar Cougar cougar. There are a lot of wide brimmed hat made of straw, suede, wool have, late autumn season, we in the woolen material mainly.

    Baseball cap (baseball cap custom logo china) is also a "great skill" for keeping warm in winter, which is perfect with the down coat or animal fur collar. But if you take the lead to snap up the hat, it will match the snowy day.

    In fact, the hat is a small accessories, but there is a big hat collocation learning style in particular, the high places, NEWSBOY CAP cap, round hat all kinds of flowers were also often a Tiao, but eventually, in addition to functional considerations, in many commodities, choose the hat according to their face the characteristics, the pursuit of beauty and fashion degree coexist, is not a problem, right?