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    What kind of face wearing a hat nice?

    • Author:AUNG GROWN
    • Source:AUNG GROWN
    • Release on:2017-12-12
    What kind of face wearing a hat nice? (best price knitted winter hat) Winter is coming, many girls have put on a hat, this year's popular berets, knit hats, as well as the common cap and so on, can shape a good sense of style for you. But the face of the girls should choose what style? Give you some suggestions today.
    Blink of an eye to winter, more and more single items. Of course, a good shape is ultimately decorated with accessories, the winter is the most essential for you to create a good shape sense of the hat,(polar fleece winter hats china) both as your finishing touch, but also to create a variety of different styles, and Can also create exquisite little face. So, today we are a large inventory of female students to take a look at the inventory, which hat the most face a small bar!
    Face wearing a knit hat good-looking concerned about the fashion of the baby must have found that the French-style knit hat a strong return this year. In all hat types, knitted hat is the most pick the most wild, and is more suitable for face big girl. Knitted hat, (wholesale winter hats on line) also known as wool hat, or lady's hat. A variety of wearing law can create a different style.
    Faced girl wearing a knit hat can be a few drops of hair on both sides of the strand, or wearing a pair of small face glasses, the effect is better oh. Or knit hat diagonal wear, directly cover the small half face.