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    What is the most need for a hat?

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2019-08-08
    I believe that everyone is troubled with any kind of hats for any shape, but in fact, the hat is versatile, so don't worry about how to match it, and the hat factory aungcrown I will introduce the six most need to wear today. The case of a hat.
    1.When the hair is oily
    When the hair is oily, if you wear a hat, then there is no way for others to see that there is oil on your head, and this can prevent others from deducting you. Because our girls are often too lazy to wash their hair, so when the hair is oily, the hat is our must-have item.
    2. To match the makeup
    In fact, sometimes if you wear a different hat, you can add a lot of points. If your makeup is biased towards a blacker series, a black hat will make you feel that this girl is very cool. But if your shape is biased towards the pink series, wearing a pink hat will make you feel that your girl looks gentle and feels that you are very cute.
    3. When wearing very simple
    If the whole shape of the clothes is biased towards the white series, but your hat is red or other bright colors, you can add points for yourself. Or if your shape is all black, but you are wearing a white hat, there will be a big contrast, so you can have a deep impression on your style.

    4. When you don’t want to wear a couple’s clothes with a man/girlfriend
    If you don't want your boyfriend to wear a couple's outfit, but want to show you two very loving, it is also a good choice to wear the same hat with your boyfriend. You can choose the same hat of the same color or the same, different color hat.
    5. To match the shape
    In fact, many people wear hats to match the shape, because if the shape is all black, then with a black hat, I really think that the shape is 100% perfect. And different shapes and hats with different colors can also add scores for your own style.
    6. When the ultraviolet rays are strong
    We must wear a hat when the UV rays are strong, because it can prevent us from being tanned in addition to blocking UV rays. And basically if you wear a hat, we will save the effort to support the umbrella.