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    What is the difference between a peaked cap and a baseball cap?

    • Author:Jason
    • Release on:2018-12-21
    As we all know, there are many styles of hats, and the appearance and wearing feeling of various styles are also very different. Two of these hats are particularly attractive, that is, caps and baseball caps, but what is the difference between caps and baseball caps?
    The cap is also called the duck cap. Because its cap is flat like a duck tongue, it is called a cap. At first, this kind of hat was usually the hat that the hunter brought when hunting, and later it was gradually accepted by the public. The way of wearing is also changed from the original wearing to a variety of wearing, such as oblique wear, rear oblique wear and so on.
    However, the baseball cap is more complicated. The baseball cap is subdivided into many types, and there are different styles between different types. Generally, you should choose your favorite baseball cap according to your favorite style when you choose! In the hat that was released in the previous article, we already know the origin of the baseball cap and some things to pay attention to when purchasing a baseball cap. For baseball caps, everyone should know more about it.
    There are three types of human face: national character face, round face and melon face. Wearing a baseball cap with a round face, it looks like a big face and a small hat. It is more suitable to wear a wide cap. The person wearing the face of the melon seeds will appear to be big and small, which will become even thinner, so it is more appropriate to wear a baseball cap. That face type wears both of them to look good. At this point, the people with the Chinese character face are more fortunate, and both will look good. When buying a hat, you must consider the shrinkage of the hat after washing. Generally, it should be slightly larger than 1 yard when purchasing, so as to avoid deformation after washing.