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    British people like to wear a hat

    • Author:Jason
    • Release on:2018-12-24

    In films and TV dramas and news, most wear hats if there is a British shot. The British hat seems to have something to do with the weather. In Britain, when the sun shines, ultraviolet light is particularly strong and the skin is quickly tanned. On cloudy days, a few drops of light rain scattered, this umbrella is not worth it. It's very cold, so there's a hat to block the sun and keep it raining.

    In Britain, hats are called "heads" and other big things. On what occasions should wear what kind of hat, should wear what kind of identity, they are very special. At London's main shopping centre, the counter selling hats is also the favourite place for Britons to patronize. There are many hats that look gorgeous and even exaggerated, covered with veils and feathers, some of which are only the size of the palms, some of which can cover half of the face. Britons take part in events, including weddings, funerals, birthday parties, and even opera, listening to lectures and watching boating competitions, all wearing hats.

    Many social customs in Britain are related to hats. If a man visits a friend, he must first enter the house and remove his hat. When meeting an acquaintance in the street, a woman only needs to smile or say hello to an acquaintance, but a man usually takes off his hat. In the eyes of the British, wearing hats is a great concern, but these can only be understood by authentic British people. Many foreign politicians have been criticised for their hats. When Bush and his wife visited the UK, Mrs. Bush's clothes were criticised by the local media because "the hat is a bit wide."