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    What do you need to do with the perfect combination of hair and hat?

    Claire Aung Crown 2018-12-28 15:36:10
    The hat can be said to have existed since ancient times. It not only protects the head, but also symbolizes many meanings. Then the hat manufacturer tells you what the perfect combination of hair and hat needs to do?
    1. Take care of the hair before wearing a cap
    Pick a hat that is not very tight, and then try to put the hat back to the back of the head when you wear it to avoid the indentation of the hat on the forehead. The basic styling product is used on wet hair before drying the hair, which doubles the hair holding time and makes it easier to re-shape. Make sure the hair is completely dry before wearing the hat, so you don't have to worry about the hair after the hat is removed.
    2. Remodeling needs to be more professional
    If you have ten minutes of spare time at home, soak the hot water with a towel, wring it out and wrap the hair, and repeat it a few minutes later. This makes it easy to eliminate the problem of hair edge indentation caused by the hat. Then bow your head to the front, blow your hair up with a hair dryer, your hair will be fluffy, and your hair volume will increase.

    3. The first aid method outside
    If you are outside, there is no sink or a hair dryer, it is better to carry a travel-packed Dry Shampoo (such as the small Batiste dry cleaning spray) and a comb. Spray dry shampoo onto the roots of the hair, then comb your hair to the forehead with a comb, then straighten your body and return the hair to its original position, which will instantly save your hair.
    4. All of the above failed? There are horsetails and hairpins too!
    Prepare some hairpins and rubber bands in the bag (and put them all together). The lazy girl ponytail is perfect for you: the unkempt but fashionable ponytail and bun can camouflage any indentation caused by any hat. And in the busy daily life, this is not a very simple and easy way!
    Through the above introduction, we know how to match hairstyles and hats. These methods can make our life more colorful!