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    Aung crown hat factory to OEM while developing corporate brand

    • Author:Jason
    • Release on:2018-12-28
    Shenzhen Aung crown Hat Co., Ltd. is a hat factory that specializes in custom hat production for 18 years. It is a list of hat OEMs, but at the same time it is also developing its own corporate brand invisibly. Doing ODM is not just for customers, but also for processing. More is still let us this enterprise in the management, manpower, and technical level has been improved, no matter in the production or development design has been a mature stage, 5000 square meters of factory buildings, more than 2,000 hats have been produced every day It is the daily standardization that we are doing now. Of course, development is never stop. Only by constantly innovating and strengthening our strength. When others know your product and take it in the hand, it is already a brand, and it has already defaulted its quality.

      For some hat manufacturers, corporate brands and product brands should be considered in their own development stage and company strength. Shenzhen Aung crown Hat Industry Co., Ltd. based on 18 years of customization experience for some processing trade, ODM OEM is more than just To lay a solid foundation for your business, the most important thing is not only to enhance the value of your product brand, but also to enhance the intangible assets of a company - the corporate brand.

    Product Positioning of Shenzhen Aung crown Hat Industry Co., Ltd.
    According to the 18-year brand hat customization experience, the hat products of the middle and high level have been done. In the international market, the hats of Shenzhen Angguan Hat Co., Ltd. are customized at the mid-end level. The customers who cooperate with us are all foreign. Various large brands and chain brands are very beneficial to a class of our hat brand development.

    Future development direction of Shenzhen Aung crown Cap Co., Ltd.
    In the case of more and more business, we will absorb more excellent design talents and expand the scale of our factory. Shenzhen Angguan Hat Industry Co., Ltd. will use its own brand awareness to expand, so that customers who come to order cooperation can be more Quickly receiving products and doing after-sales service is our consistent reputation in the industry.