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    What are the most basic ways to make a hat?

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2019-04-16
    The hat is the most common dress in people's daily life. It is an essential match for the front end of the trend. Most of the hats cover the entire head, and some of them are empty tops or meshes. The main role of the hat is to protect the head, of course, there are many times used to decorate the clothes. And it has a lot of uses. In the previous article, the hat factory also deliberately introduced the relevant knowledge about the hat. Today, let everyone know more about the ways to make hats.
    When making a hat, you should circle your head, ten long needles will be circled, the second circle will start to double the needle, and the third circle will start to hook the pattern, one long, one outer hook long needle, one long needle, one inner hook Long needles. The fourth lap is doubled on the basis of the third lap. If necessary, there are eighty stitches on the circle, and the fifth lap is the same as the fifth one.

    Then on the sixth lap, the hook method of the fifth lap is always hooked and hooked to the appropriate length. The next step is to close the edge. When the edge is closed, the long needle is used to take the long needle, and the fifth needle is dropped. Finally, change the yellow line to hook out a small five-pointed star. Stitch the five-pointed star with the hat.
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