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    How do men buy a hat that suits them?

    Claire Aung Crown 2019-04-09 17:16:03
    Hats - As one of the most important accessories in everyday chores, if you wear enough attention to the details, then a suitable hat can definitely enhance your personal temperament instantly. But for the big star of Mr. Tiger, it may not be as lucky as many friends, so you can easily choose the cap that suits you. So how can a friend with a big head around to buy a hat that suits you?
    1: It is not recommended for people with larger head circumferences to use the newsboy hat, because the newsboy hat itself is a looser style, which will make the head circumference even more prominent.
    2: First of all, the hat is not just an ornament, but more importantly it gives the wearer a unique sense of security. Secondly, the hat and the wearer themselves do not have a restricted area. It is just how to match and how to complement each other.
    3: Everyone has their own safe zone, especially when choosing a hat. Most of the time, it's not that the hat doesn't suit you, but how to jump out of your safe area in the moment, not to be influenced by the intrinsic style, so that you can choose a hat that is less liked at the time but more suitable for you. Of course, proper matching is essential.
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