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    What are the categories of knitted hats?

    Claire Aung Crown 2020-01-17 14:48:07
    The weather is getting colder. Although there are a large number of novel Leifeng hats, berets, thick baseball hats and large fleece hats in autumn and winter hats, many people still love woolen hats and knitted hats. A good woolen hat and knitted hat must be Have a good hat shape and material, what are the categories and materials of knitted hats?
    Dome knitted hat
    The style of the dome knit hat is relatively single, mainly on the knitting method of the hat, and some of them will also use some decorations on the outside of the hat to make the hat simple and not simple.
    Ball knit hat
    The top of the ball knit hat has a small ball of wool. This wool ball can be particularly cute for the wearer, and some hats will have balls. This hat is suitable for girls, and it looks good with a coat or down jacket.

    Knit hat with brim
    A knitted hat with a brim refers to the addition of a brim in front of the woolen hat. The design of this knitted hat looks very stylish and unique to the wearer. This hat can also keep out the sun while keeping warm.
    Ear protection wool cap
    The earmuffs are similar to Leifeng hats, but they are younger than Leifeng hats. Their classic ear-protection design on both sides is both fashionable and quite warm, especially suitable for cold winter wear.
    Knitted hat materials are as diverse as the types. Common materials are wool hats and velvet knitted hats. The wool used for woolen hats usually refers to the yarn spun from wool. There are also threads spun from different types of chemical fiber materials, such as acrylic fiber, polyester fiber, and cotton. Different types of wool products only need a lighter and can be roughly distinguished. come out. Plush knitted hats are usually selected from cashmere or imitation cashmere.