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    Topper clever take little jacket deduction mix of street style

    • Author:pearl
    • Source:www.wholesaler-hats.com
    • Release on :2015-01-08

    Topper clever take little jacket deduction mix of street style

      warm spring coat style is very rich , not only ladies style, with embroidery , beading and other techniques to make decorative changes , so the jacket can also exudes soft feminine and elegant style. Topper clever take little jacket , deductive mix of street style .



      Although not a black jacket , but this style dark jacket suit OL believe is one of the many single product , of course, and shirts with , but to play a different style , it may break the routine . Try to choose a shirt long enough to have a long enough drape , lower body tights and high boots with enough, there is a tight song , ultimately, is the spring and summer fashion little hat !



      Casual sense little black jacket, knit texture, vaguely see the ride long white T-shirt, T-shirt accompanied by lovely handsome cap, mix and match the feeling of suddenly improved.


      Little jacket can also be equipped with high collar shirt, in order to alleviate the pressure in the high collar , might do some decoration on the chest , divert people 's attention, this time can be a large exaggeration jewelry come in handy . Of course, do not forget the belt and some special style waist chain , but also to shift the attention of human eyes .