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    There is a beautiful, called ex-boyfriend who wants to compound

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2018-10-23
    1, top hat & retro lady style
    Because the coat is elegant and warm, it is the most popular in this winter(custom beanie winter hats), and it is the first choice for the beauty jacket. Choosing it to match the top hat is just right. In addition, the choice of the package should pay attention to mature and stable, and can not choose the fancy exaggerated package. Shoes are dominated by the traditional mainstream color of high heels, not sports shoes.
    2, Knight Hat & British style
    The knight's hat was fired this winter, and its skillful style attracted a lot of MM. The combination of the boots adds to the overall look, and the slickness has improved the grade. The combination of clothing is simple and generous, to highlight the temperament of the overall shape.
    3, beret & sweet prostitute
    The beret is suitable for sweet women, so the dress is naturally indispensable. Warm-colored dresses with cute styling bags make people immediately "soft", shoes can choose cute styles mainly white and pink.

    4, flat hat & hip hop cool girl
    The girls who like the Korean Wave are certainly not in the minority. Walking down the street, we can find a lot of lively hip-hop girls dressed up. A flat-brimmed hat, a cute sweater with a relaxed sporty feel, and a sneaker with a comfortable personality, this shape is born.
    5, wool hat & fashion heavy taste
    The wool beanie knit winter cap is no longer mediocre! Contrast color? line? lovely? Alternative? all have fun. The round neck sweater is the popular lazy style of the season. Choose a red and black color matching pettiskirt and a pair of cool blue blue strap shoes, and immediately become a fashionista.
    6, ear caps & playful wow wow
    Doll collar, bow, heart... These cute elements come over. Ear hats have cute attributes, so whether it's a loose sweater or a slim sweater, it can create a cute look. Choose a cute bag that will definitely add highlights. The shoes can also be selected with a bow-decorated shoe, from the cute to the foot.
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