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    How to clean the knitted hat?

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2018-10-24
    How to wash the high quality knit hat is correct? Knit hat is the winter street cold equipment, but also the trend of the people with a single item, but in order to ensure the knit hat and the degree of deformation, timely cleaning is necessary. So, the next person will teach you how to wash the knit hat and make it look new!
    How to clean the knitted hat?
    The main material of the knitted cap is wool, and the knitted knitted cap has certain flexibility, and one of the problems encountered in wearing the knitted cap for a long time is deformation, which affects the wearing effect. Second, the long-term adhesion of the ash layer in the air to the knitted cap can also cause corrosion, which causes the problem of darkening of the color. How to clean and recover is particularly important.
    Correct cleaning method for knitted caps: (suitable for most knit caps)

    Preparation before cleaning:
    1. Before cleaning the hat, first remove the various accessories on the hat, then pat the upper gray layer with your hand.
    2, prepare a soft brush
    Start cleaning:
    1. Prepare a pot of warm water of about 30 degrees, add a little salt or vinegar to it (note that only one of them can be added, vinegar has the effect of increasing the gloss of the wool), then add a little neutral detergent (mainly laundry detergent)
    2. Then soak the knitted cap in an aqueous solution for about 5 minutes, then gently rub it, and gently brush it with a soft brush on the part that touches the head.
    3. Rinse the knitted cap with clean water to dry it on the tile.
    1. It is best to use a flat drying to dry the knit cap custom wholesale, which is conducive to the elastic recovery of the knit cap.
    2. After washing, add more water and gently rub it until it is dripping.
    3, in order to ensure that the knit cap is tiling and drying, the interior can also be dried, and the rag can be inserted into the open.
    Special hat washing method

    1, leather cap
    Since the leather cap is not easy to clean under water, it can be cleaned with a slice of onion, and then rubbed with a cloth to remove the wool, so that it can be cleaned inside and outside.
    2, fine felt hat
    A thin felt hat is generally referred to as a wide-brimmed hat type, and the stain on it can be scrubbed with a mixture of ammonia water and an equal amount of alcohol. First draw the mixture with a piece of silk cloth and then scrub. (Be careful not to wash too wet)
    3, wool hat
    Wool hats are not suitable for washing. They are easy to be deformed by water. If the hat is stained with dust or pet hair, you can use wide-faced tape and fold it over your fingers to remove surface dust. The wool hat does not need to be cleaned every time, but it is easy to shorten the life. If it is not necessary to clean, the dry cleaning is the most appropriate way.
    Knit hat maintenance tips

    1. Never wear a knit hat in the rain. Moisture will damage the material and damage the cap type, and do not let the hat come into contact with oily substances.
    2. Prepare a hard box for the preservation of the knitted hat. The desiccant should be placed in the box. Before the knitted hat is placed, fix the hat with some fillers and make sure the hat is dry and clean.
    3. After the needle hat is taken off, don't just put it on the outside, it should be hung on the coat rack, or on the clothes hook, do not press heavy objects on it, so as to avoid deformation.
    4, the hat is worn for a long time, the inside and outside of the hat will be stained with dirt and dirt, and should be washed off in time.
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