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    The most fashionable matches of hat wearing, 8 amazing hats create a small face

    • Author:pearl
    • Source:www.wholesaler-hats.com
    • Release on:2014-12-27

    The most fashionable matches of hat wearing, 8 amazing hats create a small face


      Tip: Hat is one of the favorite item in the winter, it’s the practical easy making accessory. The simple dress up with a hat, not only to keep the warm, but also can adjust your face shape if choose a right hat. Now let’s learn the latest fashionable hat wear – to create a small face beauty with these 8 amazing hats.


      Review: The star collocation can make an impression. The hat of Bingbing Fan is bigger which sets the face off to be smaller. The peak hat style is also noble temperament, pink color looks more sweet and reduce age!


      Review: Along with the agitation restoring ancient ways, the improved army cap is more fashion, nifty and cool! But girls should not to chasing the fashion, the best choice is what the suitable for you! To the girl with big face should loose the long hair to wear this kind of short peak to make the small face!

      Review: The handsome cap often shows hale and hearty. a woven shirt is the best match. Additional scarf will let the person more star style. It looks more lovely and nifty, the wide front brim can make the face thin.

      Review: Flower knitted hat. Girl looks sweet and nifty to wear a knitted hat with a flower adornment and pigtails. Don’t look down upon the adornment of flowers,  small details always give you unexpected effect. The beautiful flowers can attract people’s attention and ignore the shape of face, also play a pretty good effect of thin face.


    Review: Plait earmuff hat, it’s particularly suited to the wide face girls. The earmuff knitted hat always gives the warm effect you never expected. Also the earmuffs cover the square face, match the beautiful soft long hair, create the attractive little face effect immediately.

      Review: Pink is sweet. Such a simple knitting hat, you could casually wear it, the top ball let you be sweet. Due to the slouch style, it makes face be smaller. It’ll be good to get up facial if in combination with the big rings, because of the compared size of visual illusion.

      Review: White beanie hat can impress people most. The color highlight your pure and lovely, it’s enough to make him to remember you. What’s more, white is the easy making color, with all the clothes can be a perfect match. The pure style looks on it in winter!

      Review: The round brim hat, it can cover the face better with the deep height, and the side flowers decorate you more attractive. Bright color brightens skin tone, with the scarf in same color, the little face created.