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    Round-faced girl how suddenly become little face

    • Author:pearl
    • Source:www.wholesaler-hats.com
    • Release on:2014-12-27

    Round-faced girl how suddenly become little face      round face clothes match with hat + big recommend for winter clothes

      Near the end of the year, whether you have many activities to attend recently?If you  want to see some long-lost classmates or friends?Then, of course, you need choose some attractive clothes catches people eyes.But, how can dress both beautiful and warm ?Of course need  all kinds of coat, if you are a round face, also don't worry, a coat collocation a hat, can let you suddenly become a little face!

      Round face dress collocation

      Simple and natural and graceful style , appear elegant and calm, beautiful collars ornament fair maiden temperament of sweet romance, match with bust skirt very well, and the overall design is beautiful and delicate, hand work is very beautiful, very special and not simple, Every girl wear it well, color restoring ancient ways.Belt has the feeling of thin .

      Round face dress collocation
      Very beautiful fox fur coat,it also could match inside the coat on fall and winter season. take off is a delicious perfect , slim design, very significant feeling, very eye-catching stereo fox hair design, very atmospheric low-key feel.

      Round face dress collocation

      Big red color and big fur collar, people like it so much.it can show female's mature and elegant temperament. We began to try a new way, with a romantic feelings.But now Europe has more popular and natural ways of cut mode, very attractive horn design ,has the feeling of gorge

      This year's design style is more changeable,full of femininity lapel collar design is exquisite and has excellent sense of temperament. this style match with leggings very well .Winter wear it not cold and match with cashmere wool scarf is very beautiful.

      Round face dress collocation

      The overall shape is very slim, waist design, able to foil the feminine curves. Fabric is not saying much, quality materials, ensure that the warmth and comfort of wearing. The whole upper body effect is very great, elegant fashion, sexy, single wear and with the effect is very good.

      Round face dress collocation

      Beautiful colors, unique sense of design and high performance to price ratio is much loved by everyone .This material after further improvement, pilling resistance is better.In addition to material quality high-end, do manual work is delicate, sleeves, the front, cuffs, axilla and splicing are manual sewing plate, quite exquisite, after finished garment type is very smooth, high-grade.

      Very nice stitching design, the design of the wool is very warm and brand feeling.Handsome locomotive style, feel very fashionable ,  vintage lady need it necessary.match with handsome casual pants also very cool!

      Everyone can wear good-looking dress now, new winter style, thickening of the material, very crisp plate type, the body can wear the feeling of celine, skirt type is very simple , without too much complex decoration, but the upper body effect is very good!Show thin, arm and shoulder line is very good-looking.

      Great coat, matted fur collar is the biggest bright spot for this coat, big fur collar, not only set off your face, but also can warm the your neck , the middle is a zipper, with two pockets on both sides,clothes fabric with this year's hot special matte material, retro and special.

      There are 2 kinds of collar, play the role of good embellishment. It is all-match a lace bottoming shirt, very elegant Princess feeling, outside with dress, coat, jacket are very good-looking,essential for a fashion goods, high collar design , the clothes body and the sleeves are double thick,outer layer of lace cloth, the inner layer is a cotton material , sexy and warm.

      Wool content is higher, a relatively thick design , also very handsome fur cloak, very, very beautiful oh, there are also on the back, so from behind is also very beautiful, it is also very temperament.

      Feel super comfortable off the shoulder sweater , slippery and very smooth, long style  , very practical a cardigan , fringe wave design very charming and very good match drops! Color is also very beautiful . Dew shoulder design very sexy and  fashion.


      High quality sweet sweater , always like this style slim design .You could match all color clothes , This style inside lining is fleece and also sleeves so the upper part of the body is self-cultivation and warm.

      Very sweet style clothes  is made from a high-end wool snow spins fabrics, waist belt made by hand, class immediately promoting .The design of tall waist, have the feeling of Europe and the United States fan, luxuriant flavor immediately show.

      With jeans have the feeling of  nifty and taste leisure, match with dress is very handsome, lovely woolen cloth coat, special design , version is like a locomotive coat, garments is curved, devotion and special joker.

      Winter hot sale sheet..Very love leopard design, in recent years is very popular in the international fashion.The leopard cotton-padded clothes practical and fashionable , splendor in the atmosphere., the dress is very thick, windproof performance is excellent,  better than Down and Feather Wear