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    The main style of 12 hats

    • Author:Jason
    • Release on:2019-01-14

    The main style of the hat: cowboy hat: this hat is also known as the western hat, cowboy hat. Other small ones are said to hold about 10 gallons of water. In winter, it is made of leather and felt; in summer, it is made of cloth and grass. The most recent mainstream is the attachment of a ribbon-like cap under the brim.

    The main style of the hat: the sun hat is a very broad concept from the name, because the sun hat contains a lot of hats, and the hat that can be shaded should be classified as a sun hat. But usually the sun hat we refer to means that the hat around the hat is very large, and the overall shading effect is very good. For example, the beach hat of the big hat is a typical sun hat, and the sun hat is also called the sun hat. Because most sun hats are used primarily for shading.

    The main style of the hat: the baseball cap is the most commonly seen in us, and it is also a wild hat type. In any season, we will see the corresponding baseball cap, both in the sports series and the fashion series. visible. There are also many brands that produce baseball caps. Generally speaking, a company that produces hats will definitely have a baseball cap.

    The main style of the hat: the wool cap is the main hat for warmth in the autumn and winter seasons. The name of the wool hat is because the main material of the hat is wool woven, so it is called the wool cap. The better material in the wool cap is the wool thread. The warmth of wool is very good and is loved by many young friends.

    The main style of the hat: the fisherman hat is a kind of dome soft fur hat, also known as a soft hat. The origin of the fisherman hat is because many fishermen used to wear hats when fishing or fishing. The fisherman hat has become a popular trend.

    The main style of the hat: the knit hat is a hat that is suitable for people of all ages in cold weather. The hat material is made of wool and knitted, hence the name knit hat.

    The main style of the hat: top hat: hat name, divided into winter and summer two styles, winter black wool, summer with white silk. It has a multi-purpose dome and a wide-brimmed hat. In modern times, wearing these caps in both Chinese and Western costumes is the most solemn costume for men. It was a wide-brimmed, flat-topped, high-profile male hat from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. It is also the most iconic accessory of President Lincoln in addition to his thinness.

    The main style of the hat: the two-pointed cap: Napoleon's so-called 'two-horned hat' is a favorite of the local royal family. Interestingly, it is said that Napoleon's two-pointed cap has another reason. Because he is too short, this tall and big two-pointed cap just makes up for this shortcoming. Oh, now the Paris Invalides has a collection of Napoleon's two-pointed caps.

    The main style of the hat: the jazz hat: also known as the Panama hat, the origin is Ecuador. In the mid-nineteenth century, Panama was already a major channel between the West Bank of the Americas and Europe, and Ecuadorian businessmen exported straw hats to Europe. These straw hats are very popular among Europeans who traveled through Panama to California during the "gold hunt" period. Therefore, although the origin of the hat is Ecuador, people still call it "Panama Hat."

    The main style of the hat: soft hat: gives a neutral and playful feeling, is very boyish, and the style of the hat is low and the shape of the hat is soft. The style of the soft hat is wrapped around the head of the head. It is very stylish and very capable. Modifying the head shape, knowing how to match it, can be said to be a lazy accessory for the small soldier.

    The main style of the hat: Beret: The beret is an innocent soft standard military cap, usually used as a symbol of the personnel of the national army's rangers, special forces and airborne units. When you mention it, everyone will think of the mighty special forces, as well as the former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. It is said that the beret originated in ancient Greece and Rome and was the main trading commodity of the Romans and surrounding cities at that time, but there were also colored berets. The first army to wear a beret in history was the British Army. As early as during the First World War, the British expeditionary forces sent to the European continent, some officers and men wearing a beret. The United States formed a special force in the Second World War, commonly known as the "green beret" because its team members wore green berets.

    The main style of the hat: flat top hat: is a kind of high-quality cotton, with a wide hat with a hat, the color has your color, white, beige and other colors. It is suitable for round face and square wear. For round face, in order to make the face look less full, you can choose a longer cap and an asymmetric hat, which can increase the length of the face and make it look three-dimensional.