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    How to wear a knitted hat with pants

    • Author:Jason
    • Release on:2019-01-15

    The cold wind bursts, not only want to keep warm, but also worry that the styling effect will be greatly reduced, may wish to bring a certain knitted hat, cute and warm. Let's take a look at how the knit hat fits with the pants!

    1. Knit cap + shorts

    The pink Mickey Mouse pattern T is full of girlish style, with black shorts that are already very nice. The brown boots are paired with small shorts for a touch of sexy taste. The red knit hat is dotted with it, and the flowing hair is long. Swing, especially feminine!

    2. Knit hat + jeans

    The white letter T is designed in a long style. It is a very popular style this year. The jeans with the legs are especially trendy. The pink knit hat is unique in design. It has already increased your charm and looks particularly interesting. .

    3. Knit cap + bib

    The sleek pattern Tee has a particularly good visual effect, and the khaki trousers have a winter feel. This year's popular bib and T-shirts are full of street style, brown-red knit hats and khaki trousers. The color is very harmonious, very nice match!

    How to wear a knitted hat with pants