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    The History Of The Development Of Trucker Hats

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2021-08-06
    Hats, as we know them today, have been shaped in part by our culture and history. Hats have been worn as protection through the ages, shielding their wearers from the sun as they worked outside in the fields. They have also been used as fashion statements, and, as with most accessories, their popularity has ebbed and flowed through the decades.

    Nowadays, hats and caps come in just about every size, shape, color, and material you can imagine. There are hundreds of hats out there that vary in design, appearance, and usage. They are used to differentiate military uniforms, identify religious ranks, and display social status and fashion preferences.

    It’s easier than ever to find a hat that expresses your style and mood. One type of hat, the “trucker hat,” is becoming commonplace amongst millennials and celebrities, but it didn’t start off as a trendy accessory. Rather, the trucker hat has a very humble beginning.

    Originally, the trucker hat was a mere token given away by companies to farmers, rural workers, and truckers in the United States. The hats are made with a stiff foam front panel and mesh back pieces to allow perspiration to evaporate quickly, so they were perfect for the hard-working laborer. Additionally, the snap-back fastener created a one-size-fits-most piece of headwear, so workers of all shapes and sizes could benefit from their use.

    Trucker hats were so cheap to make and distribute that local animal feed shops, agricultural implements stores, and tractor sellers created the trucker hats for next to nothing and gave them away as inexpensive advertising. These were some of the most effective promotional products handed out in many rural communities around the country.

    Trucker hats are still given away by local feed stores and agricultural warehouses, and because of that, they are seen as a symbol of hard work. Many people collected dozens of trucker hats along the way. This is because of the age-old tradition of giving away trucker hats as part of a company’s promotions.

    Eventually, though, trucker hats evolved from being strictly for working-class individuals to becoming an important designer emblem. Today, they can be seen on fashionistas from all walks of life. They remain a a perfect branding giveaway, but they have been made even more interesting by adding catchy phrases, extreme art designs, and other blingy embellishments. Among the most common favorites are custom trucker hats displaying such popular gaming icons as Super Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt, Metroid, and more. They are made of different materials and come in customizable sizes, such as with adjustable mesh trucker hats.

    Today’s designs do not limit embroidery and printing to the front panel and brim. The designs and prints can also be seen along the sides or even on the back. With a highly visible hat as canvas, almost anything can be placed on it and still look good.

    Now Let’s talk hats. Specifically, the trucker cap vs. baseball cap situation. Is there a difference? (Yes.) What is the difference? And really, why is it called a trucker hat, anyway?

    Baseball caps come in all sorts of variations, but the most classic is that of the traditional baseball player uniform. Typically constructed with six triangular(ish) sections, baseball caps have a slightly curved bill or brim in front and a fabric-covered button on top. (FYI, that button is called a “squatchee”—you can break that out at trivia night. You’re welcome.)  Fabric eyelets or metal grommets are normally included in the top of the cap for ventilation. Baseball caps were originally made in standard hat sizes, and a fitted baseball cap was the only kind available until 1980. After 1980, however, adjustable baseball caps became available, featuring adjustable snap, velcro, or strap closures, as well as “stretch-fit” fabrics.

    So then, what is a trucker cap? A trucker cap (or trucker hat, if you prefer) is technically a type of baseball cap. Its design includes a brim or bill, but also a foam front section that stands up tall and straight (making it taller than most other hats or caps). The rest of the hat is constructed of plastic mesh with a snap closure in the back for one-size-fits-all adaptability. (So to answer another common question: yes, a trucker cap is a snapback, but not all snapbacks are trucker caps.) Designed with breathability and one-size-fits-all adaptability in mind, the signature features of the trucker cap are the breathable mesh and the snapback closure. With that in mind, today’s trucker hats sometimes omit the foam front; but if they have that classic mesh with the snapback, we say they still count.

    If you’re debating trucker cap vs. baseball cap, it’s just a matter of preference. A baseball cap may fit just right. A mesh trucker hat may keep you cooler. Both are American classics with styles and histories of their own—just like the guys wearing them.