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    The History Of The Development Of Snapback

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2021-03-09
    The snapback is an icon in the street and urban style. The unbent brim is a symbol of hip hop and youth fashion in many cities.

    Perhaps snapback is the only headdress in which you do not look pretentious, completing your outfit. What is the story of this accessory? Of course, this is all about American’s favorite game – baseball. There are a lot of types of baseball caps you can find today in online and offline stores: snapback hat, trucker hat, fitted cap, adjustable hat and whatever you want.

    In 1958, the baseball team Brooklyn Excelsiors wore one of the first snapbacks. It was a simple design with a round crown and short, flat brim. Later, in May 1989 Michael Jordan made his legendary shot, beating the Cavilers. In postgame interview, he put on his Gatorade snapback. After this incident, a fake cap filled the sportswear market. This is how much culture and individuals can influence fashion. Little by little fashion began to spread because at all times sports celebrities had a great influence on the younger generation. But also snapback gained popularity because of its practicality, adjustable snap in the back (and here is the mystery of the name).

    The snapback popped up in the 90’s, and is nowadays a fashion icon. You make a statement if you wear a snapback. The cap was first popular in New York and Los Angeles. Then, the style was adopted by music groups such as N.W.A and Mobb Deep. N.W.A. is an old school rap group from the West Coast that wore hats that represented the Los Angeles suburb of Compton. Mobb Deep professed their loyalty to the East Coast and wore hats embroidered with New York boroughs such as Brooklyn and Queens.

    The snapbacks as we know it today came from the hip-hop culture of the 1990s. East Coast and West Coast can be considered as a birthplace of a modern snapback. The trendsetters were rap groups such as Mobb Deep from New-York and N.W.A. from LA. Both bands were prominent representatives of their native region, which was expressed both in the work and in the style. Since the fashion changes for every decade in 2000s the hype around snapback gone quiet and fitted caps came instead. But in the next decade, started in 2011, snapback became a fashion icon again when Chris Brown and Tyga recorded their viral song and music video called “Snapbacks Back”.

    In the first half of 2010s, hip-hop culture is at the forefront of popularising snapbacks. Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Kanye West, Jay-Z were unformal snapback ambassadors. Will Smith expanded boundaries of this hat into the pop culture, wearing snapback in TV-show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, and that became an iconic teenagers look.

    Around the year 2000, the snapback became less popular. Fitted caps were in style back then. Each hat has its individual size, while a snapback can be adjusted with the closure. But only a few years later, around 2011, the snapback was again a fashion icon. Chris Brown and Tyga brought the snapback style back and created a song called ‘Snapbacks Back’. The artists went into the back of their closets to get their snapbacks. The video went viral.

    Popular music icons made a huge impact by popularizing the snapback. Hip hop and rap legends like Wiz Khalifa, Tupac Shakur, Dr. Dre and Ice Cube made the snapback a prominent fixture in their music videos and concerts. Mac Miller even devoted a song to the cap: “Used to wear baggy clothes, now my clothes tailored, used to wear a fitted cap, now I rock a snapback”. Also Kanye West and Jay-Z made music videos with them wearing snapbacks. The pop culture really made the snapback an icon. TV personality Will Smith from the tv show ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ wore a snapback. Also sports personalities played a key role in the history of the snapback, for example Michael Jordan wearing his Team USA snapback hat.

    Over the past few years, fashion has been developing very rapidly, every season we hide into the closet a lot of things we went crazy in previous seasons. And today snapback is something more than sports or hip-hop attribute. You are free to implement it into different styles and combine them with different fabrics and it will look cool. If you like to play with textures you can create relaxed casual outfit with leather pants, cotton shirt and snapback, choosing shoes according to your mood – sneakers or classic shoes according to your current mood. Girls can make a snapback a center of the outfit, choosing unusual textures like (fake) fur or leather wearing it with skirts and t-shirts or hoodie (wearing heels with this outfit you are gonna be a street-style star, for sure).

    And don’t be afraid of experiments. This is the only way to find yourself and change the future!

    The birth of the snapback is characterized by the pop culture. Music groups, sports and artists made the cap a hit. Do you want to create a true fashion icon? You can create your own custom snapbacks, don’t hesitate to contact us.
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