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    About Custom Hats You Need To Know

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2021-03-11
    Hats never really go out of style, but they’re enjoying an especially big moment right now. You can customize every style from trucker hats with custom patches to embroidered beanies to baseball caps emblazoned with slogans, team names, numbers and graphics. And when you order in bulk, they can come in a huge assortment of styles, sizes and different colors.

    Today, hats aren’t just about keeping your head warm or shielding your face from the sun’s harmful rays. While they are still worn for such utilitarian purposes, they have also become a means for showing off your fashion sense or making a statement.

    If you are thinking about getting into the business of hat customization, there are a lot of ways to get the job done. From patches and embroidery to screen printing and vinyl decals, there are just as many ways to customize hats as there are shirts. Before you take the plunge and open your own business, check out this guide to learn how to make custom hats for profit.

    1– Choosing the Right Hat Style
    Hats have been around forever, we have seen new styles and trends come and go and come back. We must remember that everything is popular at least two times (check the facts) that is why we may feel nostalgic when we see our favorite television show becoming a new movie; it’s like that.

    Again, this task has a lot to do with your brand and your customer. This will help influence which route to go when choosing a hat style to apply your branding to (we’ll get to that later).

    Here are some of the hottest styles for creating custom hats right now:

    Five Panel Camp Caps
    Unconstructed Six Panels
    Unconstructed Five Panels
    Constructed Six Panel Snapbacks
    Cuffed Beanies
    Trucker Hats
    Bucket Hats
    Custom Styles
    All these hats have unique construction in order to fit different customer preferences. Whether you are following trends or following what you think is best for your brand; there are tons of options.

    At aungcrown we can create custom hats down to the type of fabric you want, style, paneling, embellishments and more just reach out to us.

    Don’t be afraid, too much is always better than limited, you can even do something totally new. The best part about custom hats are that there’s two things that all these styles have in common: they go on your head and they all offer branding / customization.

    2 – Choosing the Right Fabrics for Custom Hats
    Each style has many options regarding fabric availability, even our custom beanies! The type of fabric can lend towards the functionality of your custom hats or a look you had in mind.

    Hat materials are so important to not only the look and style, but the environment in which these will be worn. Each type of fabric has its advantages and disadvantages.

    Do not be afraid to ask or do your homework. Even go to your local clothing retailer and feel the fabrics yourself. There is nothing you should be afraid of or avoid doing in your journey to creating the best possible headwear product.

    Here are some of the most used fabrics on custom hats (aside from beanies):

    Cotton Twill
    Canvas or Waxed Canvas
    Premium Wool
    Speckled Tweed Wool
    Ripstop Cotton

    Beanie Fabrics:
    Acrylic Mixed
    Merino Wool
    While these are only a few fabrics available, we see these used the most but again there are so many references out there or you may have a hat you have that you would like to replicate fabric wise. Being as transparent as possible (I think we can even make transparent fabric, go figure) with your thoughts goes a long way when contributing to the overall finished product!

    Yes. We have the capability of creating custom hats with all these fabrics mentioned.

    3 – Choosing The Right Colors for Custom Hats
    Colors are so important in designing a custom hat. From the artwork down to the base of the hat fabric to even the stitching. Don’t be overwhelmed that there are literally millions of color shades to choose from! Sorry to scare you but it is the truth! Most designers and manufacturers use Solid Coated Pantone Color Codes (Pantone C) to help match the best colors to the ones you intended.

    To avoid any issues, using this guideline from the beginning would be very helpful! Colors invoke moods and emotions, so when choosing colors that best relate to your brand and the headwear fabric, it is important to gain a feel of the mood that this style is portraying.

    There are some important questions you can ask yourself when choosing colors. How does this make me feel? How does this make me look? Does this portray the trend or style that I am going for? Would people be drawn to this? These questions relate to every element of the hat. Should you stick to a neutral or vibrant base? These should be considered when drafting ideas.

    4 –Choosing the Right logo for Custom Hats
    When designing artwork for custom hats, it is important to focus on the essentials. As we look at successful brands and companies, they all have one thing in common: a simple yet distinguishable logo or text.

    Brands are noticed by their logo. If I showed you distinguishable icons used by major companies, you would be able to identify then right away. This is important when considering how you want to follow this trend yet separate yourself from others.

    Simplicity is not simple.

    Some may believe that going over the top is the best idea, sometimes this is correct. Most of the time, we identify key ideas and stances based on text or a simple icon.

    It is ideal to tie in the nature of your company or brand into your artwork as this will allow for easy recognition. For example, if you own a coffee company, you would want your artwork to somehow visually show this in one shape or form.

    When creating artwork, it is important to visualize your brand as a whole, and narrow that down into a creative outlet. You may ask, how can I incorporate so many ideas into one thing? This is not the easiest of tasks but achievable.

    Because we have seen the results firsthand. We have been involved in the custom apparel industry since 2008, with previous experience in the brand apparel sector and hospitality industry. That’s almost 10 years of experience! if you have any questions about custom hats, you can contact aungcrown.