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    A History of Style Trends Started By Hip Hop Hats

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2020-08-18

    Hip hop fashion, (also known as big fashion), is a distinctive style of dress, especially hip hop hats. Hats has been a staple of hip-hop culture since its emergence in the 1970s; prior to becoming a component of the culture, hip-hop headwear comprised of traditional caps that were then adopted into the culture.

    With strong ties to sport and culture, baseball caps made a transition from a staple of sport into casual wear and dress. Besides baseball caps, other components of headwear including bucket hats and beanies became reflectors of the culture through dress by "b boys," rappers and other artists. Since the 1990s, skateboard culture also influenced hip-hop (and vice versa). The recent popularity of five-panel hats and studded couture is also a reflection by outside influencers (i.e. high-fashion designers).

    Hats is a major component of hip-hop culture and has been influential in our visual understanding of urban dress.

    Hip hop hats originating from African America, Latin America and from inner city youth located in New York City, followed by cities like Los Angeles, Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, the San Francisco Bay Area, Detroit, Memphis, Washington D.C., Atlanta, St. Louis, Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, and others. All have contributed various elements to the overall style seen worldwide today. Hip hop fashion complements the expressions and attitudes of hip hop culture and has changed significantly during its history. Today, it is a prominent fashion worn across the whole world and popular with all ethnicities.

    Hip hop has transformed fashion through customising, sampling, and remixing what was there before. From Dapper Dan’s iconic “Africanisation” of luxury brands in the 1980s to the invention on streetwear by PNB, a collective of former graffiti writers, hip hop took the fashion industry by storm.

    “Streetwear is big logos, democratic pricing, all these no-brainer ideas,” Stuart says. “It’s the printed t-shirt or hoodie, a hat with logo embroidery. For these fashion houses, it’s easy to print and the margins are huge because they have this luxury tax and everyone can wear it.”

    Hip hop is an inherently populist art form that comes from the streets, a nod to its  DIY roots in the 1970s. While it has grown to become a billion-dollar global industry, the streets still call the shots, whether creating new music or inventing new looks.

    The hip hop hats that has taken over the hip-hop fashion world recently is the snapback hat. These bold hats were popular in the 80s and 90s, but they were eventually replaced with the more modest fitted cap. Today, the snapback is a new and improved force to be reckoned with, and the fitted alternative has been cast into the back of the closet. People of all ages and backgrounds are wearing these revamped classics.

    Snapback hats have adjustable straps on the back, which allows for a customizable fit. This means virtually anyone can wear this type of cap. The material is generally thin, but the construction of the crown is solid. Modern designs allow for either a flat or a curved brim. There are countless styles to choose from, and for many fans, the goal is to find the craziest, coolest and most colorful selections.

    The rebirth of these hats is mostly due to rap artists, sports stars and other celebrities rocking them in the spotlight. Because many people emulate their favorite superstars, the fashion trend rapidly spread once public personalities such as Jay-Z or Chris Brown were seen wearing snapbacks. Rap artists like Mac Miller and Tyga have even written songs glorifying the hats.

    Snapbacks are rapidly becoming collectible items instead of fashion pieces. Recently, women have been jumping on the snapback bandwagon as quickly as men. Not only do these hats instantly disguise unruly hair, they add a touch of edginess to any outfit. In the hip-hop world, ladies complement these hats with simple pieces like tank tops, jeans and sneakers. Women who wear snapbacks are often bold and daring when it comes to fashion, and the endless options allow each female to express herself through her selections.

    One of the main benefits of the snapback comeback is the nostalgia these caps arouse in people. Snapbacks are designed to look like the styles from the 80s and 90s, and those eras resonate in many people’s minds. Even the younger generation has recently been charmed by the retro sentiments of countless ads, movies and fashion pieces. These hats are topping the list of the hottest trends, and they are wardrobe staples that any hip-hop fan should not be without.

    Hip hop hat had to be funky fresh.After all, the world of Hip Hop was ushering in their own distinct styles with a unique take on all aspects of fashion. If you want to have the popular hip hop hats, you can contact aungcrown, professional hip hop hats customization.