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    Suitable for children wearing winter hat, it is best to meet the 5 conditions.

    • Author:AUNG GROWN
    • Source:AUNG GROWN
    • Release on:2017-12-25
    Material wool cap preferred loose wool cap or cotton cap, not only comfortable, soft, and the wind, warmth and breathability Ye Hao. Children's skin is delicate, poor adaptability to temperature changes, wool hat to protect the child's cheeks and ears. Bright colors Most children's activities, safety awareness is weak, bright colors, eye-catching hats, to some extent, can reduce the occurrence of accidents.
    Elastic left a hat should not be too tight space to wear after wearing a finger appropriate.

    Too tight on the hat will cause oppression on the scalp, affecting the head blood circulation, the purchase of the child too tight hat, but also may affect development. As light as possible to the weight of the head, Shen Shen, feel uncomfortable neck. Hats too heavy, a long time will bring too much head and neck burden. Brim not more than 5 cm If you want to buy a hat with a hat to the child, should be "do not block the line of sight" principle. It is recommended that the width of the brim not more than 5 cm, when not wearing the eye on both sides of the wide field of vision is appropriate.

    Big hat will block the view, posing a danger. If you must wear a big hat hat, wear should be appropriate higher, should not cover the forehead.