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    Not afraid of rain and snow are not afraid of the wind, this hat is enough in winter.

    • Author:AUNG GROWN
    • Source:AUNG GROWN
    • Release on:2017-12-26
    Winter is coming, which part of the most difficult to keep warm? Of course, the head! It is not like a body, you can use a thick layer of coat wrapped. Also unlike hands, you can wear gloves, then carry a warm baby. It was there, strong against the winds in the south, or heavy snow in the north. To accompany it, up to only one hat. So, you have to pick a good hat. British sports brand DexShell Dai Shi, only set up a short period of seven years, was named the British INC500 strong enterprises. Visible brand of strong.
    Its hat has one of the biggest features: Water repellent breathable! A bucket of ice water poured, all the water was bounced off. Look inside, nothing. This is entirely due to the unique 3-layer hat material design. Outer acrylic, with a splash effect. However, the effect of water repellent hat, play the greatest effect, or to the middle of the Poreller waterproof breathable film. Slim layer, even under high-pressure environment can still be effective anti-spill, it usually rains snow that little impact, it does not matter.

    Another benefit of Poreller waterproof and breathable films is moisture permeability. In other words, the outside water can not go in, but the steam inside can be easily discharged. You do not have to worry about the hot stuff The innermost is fleece. It is mainly used to play a warm effect. To function, but also fashion points out, the value can not be left behind. DexShell knit hat, divided into 2 styles. Snow caps go is simple style, the classic knit hat design, no extra accessories, not outdated, well with.