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    Suggestions on outdoor hat choosing

    • Author:pearl
    • Source:www.wholesaler-hats.com
    • Release on :2014-12-19

    Suggestions on outdoor hat choosing – part 1 COLOR

      Hat is very important on outdoor activities. However it’s also exquisite to choose a suitable nice hat on the premise of usual function.

      The most people pay little attention on outdoor equipment because of their inherent concept and lack of professional knowledge, and can’t get the desired result, even let the outdoor activities become a kind of hard labor and misery. The hat s small, but it has a remarkable effect of concentrated. However, the improper selection will burn your outdoor life. Skillfully use the accessories will give person the new and fresh feeling.

      The contrasting color combination is the key to pop. When there’s big difference on the color of hat and dress, then the person will look shorter; If hat and dress in the same color, the person will look taller.

      The hat color also depends on the skin color, the yellow-green color is not suitable for the yellow face, but pink grey hat is good! The black or white people have more color option on hat.

      For the florid complexion people, there’s wide range of colors can be choose from. For the grey people, the good color are white jade, stone green, light blue, brown, lilac etc.

      To the white skin people, there’s more color can be choosed from. But because white skin is easy to give a tender feeling, the white color hat should avoid the white closer color. The dark-skin people should pay attention to the overall effect of collocation when choosing the bright color hat.

      Suggestions on outdoor hat choosing – part 2 FACE SHAPE

      Cotton has good moisture absorption but difficult to getting dry, actually it’s a pain to wear it on the outdoor. It’s counterproductive if make a wrong choosing.

      There are oval face, round face, square face. The round face will look bigger and hat looks smaller if wear a round top hat, the wide brim hat is more suitable. The oval face will look more thin if wear a baseball cap, but the round top hat is good!

      Round face: the face doesn’t look so full, it can increase the length of face if wearing a cap with the longer crown and asymmetric brim.

      The triangular face: because it has pointed chin, both of the high profile hat or asymmetric brim hat can let the people ignore the pointed chin.

      It’s easy to the square face people to choose a suitable sun cap. Square face: a hat with visible brown and irregular edge, will make the face appears downy.

      Long face: Because the face is narrow, so it’s particularly important to choose a fitted crown hat, and do not wear the narrow brim hat.

      A suitable and comfortable hat is necessary for outdoor activities. Normally the key of hat for the spring and summer hat, the first is with the UV protection function, the second is the function of dry fit. With these 2 advantages, the hat will always keep dry and clean even you sweat profusely. These are the characteristic of outdoor hat must have.

      Different outdoor activities may have the different hats, e.g.: the jungle activities might need the jungle cap to prevent branches and insect, if go to fish then need a wide brim bucket hat. For climbing, baseball caps and military are very popular with people.

      Choose the professional hat, your outdoor life will getting better.