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    Men's hat with Autumn Street beat handsome gentleman show

    • Author:pearl
    • Source:www.wholesaler-hats.com
    • Release on:2014-12-19

    Men's hat with Autumn Street beat handsome gentleman show

      Hints: This year, you will find the most popular hat is the top hat. Both boys and girls like it more than formal hat, and the daily clothing smashups, creates fashion surprises, especially for boys, will be more handsome and gentle. Today, the editor will take you to have a good look at how to match with top hats, which will give people a kind of gentle feeling.


      The handsome boy with glasses looks gentle. He wears a black suit with a hat, which Look closely will find there are layers of mix build, render the turtleneck sweater, with vertical stripes shirt, so many dress collocation are together. Because the color is very close, so it’s hard to show the administrative levels. And it must be a thin boy to suit for such mix building style. Wearing patched jeans, personality strong feeling restoring ancient ways, on his feet again to wear a pair of brown shoes, a black hat will look handsome and fashionable.



      Here is the fashion-boy! Gray double-breasted coat with unique collar design and tie-in white T-shirt as a render unlined upper garment, this kind of woolen cloth always making a person look sedate. Tassel scarf tied on grey head, wearing a grey man hat, and upper body clothes color collocation is very harmonious. Lower jeans has a distinguishing feature, which the wash effect is very special, look like many eyes printed on the pants, a pair of golden tide shoes upgrades the temperament of the boy to another level.