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    Mens should pay attention to three points when choosing a bucket hat

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2020-05-18
    Fashionable people have certain bucket hats, but many boys who have just entered the fashion door are also learning that others have bought bucket hats, but this style of color is also difficult to enter.

    Wear a strap
    In fact, to know that the bucket hat does not have a strap, it is better to simply wear it on the head. The simpler it is, the more fashionable it is. Shook his face, the meat is also a pile, really very earthy!

    Exaggerated colors
    Why can't you simply choose a simple black and white bucket hat? You have to choose a hat that is brighter and more fancy. It's really eye-catching when you put it on, but it's really tacky and not in touch with fashion Up a little bit! So when choosing a hat color, if you do n’t know how to choose it, then choose black, which is versatile and more lining!

    Accessories exaggerated
    In fact, many people like some bucket hats with accessories, and after taking it, the editor does not want to say anything. You think you are handsome and very personal. In fact, in the eyes of others, it is an old hat, so I chose it. Do n’t choose exaggerated accessories, just choose simpler ones. Know that the simpler the more fashionable!

    After reading these, are you talking about it? In fact, you have touched all three taboos, so you can only say that you are still on a relatively dirt road, and there is no way to save your fashion sense, or choose Don't wear a hat anymore, it looks better!

    When you have a choice, you must not choose these three types, choose simpler, simpler is the best, boys choose black and white is the best choice, also wild and fashionable!