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    Men's Hat Trends 2021: 6 Different Types of Hats

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2021-06-18
    Hats have cemented themselves as eternally stylish men’s accessories. From baseball caps to bucket hats, fedoras to snapbacks, men’s hats are a versatile, functional, and stylish addition to any look. They’re also practical and suitable for any season. Rain, hail, shine, or snow, a hat will keep you warm, dry, and sheltered from the sun all while looking great. On top of that, hats can finish off any casual, classy, or eclectic ensemble in a simple yet inspired way. Here are the best men’s hat styles you need to know today.

    Snapback Cap
    When it comes to trendy and bold, there’s nothing like a ’90s-inspired snapback to add something special to your look. Snapbacks have a flat, wide brim, and a more structured design than some of the other ball caps on the list. This makes the snapback great for both formal outfits in need of a fresh accessory and more laid-back styles you’re looking to complete. The style dates back to the baseball team the Brooklyn Excelsiors, who introduced this iconic look in the 1850s.

    Dad Hat
    Along with chunky white trainers, fanny packs, and whitewash denim, dad hats have made a comeback as accessories that are considered truly fashionable. They’re comfortable and breathable, thanks to the traditionally cotton fabric, which makes them a great option for casual outings and summer events. If you’re looking to add a little vintage to your look, the dad hat is the way to go.

    Flat Cap
    If the newsboy hat is classically British aristocrat, the flat cap speaks to the farmers and chimney sweeps of old. Designed for real use rather than fashion, these old-school caps it is usually crafted of wool or tweed and lined on the inside, which helps to keep its wearer warm and comfortable, and protected from the elements. In the modern-day, this clean-cut accessory can add something special to an upscale casual look.

    The beanie may have started out as a surefire way to stay warm in the winter, but this timeless hat has become essential for any modern man’s wardrobe. It blends seamlessly into nearly any outfit, from the functional outdoorsman look to the city hipster, and can be used in fall, winter or spring to maximum effect. If you’re looking to get the most out of your beanie, consider neutral colors and an all-seasonal thinner material, or just invest in a few different kinds.

    Bucket Hat
    Bucket hats are back, and the ’90s revival continues with no sign of stopping. Gaining popularity with various musical and skater subcultures, the bucket hat has gone from a humble fisherman’s hat to downright cool. Made from heavy-duty cotton fabrics such as denim and canvas, or wool blends like tweed, bucket hats feature wide, downward-sloping brims, resembling an inverted bucket. They have been a street style favorite for years and are perfect when trying to create a laid-back urban look. To rock the look, try throwing on a bucket hat with a bomber jacket, high-tops, or even a jersey.

    Baseball Cap
    From snapbacks to dad hats, there are so many variations of baseball caps, but you can never go past a classic. Baseball caps started off as simple five-panel caps with adjustable straps and were worn as part of baseball team uniforms. Today, they are as much a fashion item as a piece of sportswear. A favorite of street style stars and celebrities, the baseball cap has graduated to an iconic status because of its simple and cool designs.

    Best Hats For Men
    With so many cool hats for guys, it can be a challenge picking the right style for your outfit. From summer hats that are light and breathable to winter hats that will keep your head warm while looking trendy, the best hats for men are made with high-quality materials and come in stylish designs.

    For a hipster hat that even celebrities endorse, try the trilby, pork pie, flat cap or beanie. These kinds of hats can be worn with casual and professional outfits for extra flair. When paired well, these fashionable hat styles can elevate your look, but beware that it’s just as easy to create a fashion faux pas.

    Hipster Hat
    Finally, the most universal and versatile hat will always be the baseball cap. Cool caps are the ultimate accessory for men who want comfort and style in their active lifestyle. As one of the most popular hats, this type of cap is especially useful when you’re between haircuts and don’t want to style your hair.

    Cool Caps
    Ultimately, the right hat can complement any classy, dressy, casual or random outfit. Fortunately, you can’t go wrong with any of the best styles listed above.

    Who started the bucket hat trend?
    Bucket hats have spent time in the limelight a couple of times over the past 100 years. Farmers and fishermen initially used them as a protective piece of clothing, then they were military-issued attire in the 60s and 70s. Bucket hats then found popularity in the hip-hop and rap scene in the 80s and 90s, but since then, they have been out of favor. That was until the mid-2010s when Melissa Forde released a line in 2015, and they then became a hit for SS2018. Brands like Fenty and Puma, Michael Kors, and Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel put them on the runway, followed by Lanvin and Valentino. The latest resurgence ties in with other 90s revival styles, such as scrunchies, over-sized t-shirts, and bandanas.

    Are snapbacks still in style?
    While snapbacks fell out of fashion for a little while, this 90s iconic is well and truly back in style. To create a modern, up-to-date look, pair it with a white shirt, chinos, and pair of Converse. Alternatively, don a graphic tee, ripped jeans, and hightops for a new take on the hip-hop look.