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    8 Best Available Fabrics to Make T-shirts

    Here is a collection of various types of fabrics good for making t-shirts. The fabric of the t-shirt will decide on the fit and washability of the t-shirt. It will also decide if it can be printed on well or not. The fabric should be considerably durable and comfortable to wear.

    01. Cotton –
    Rightly called as the ‘king of all fabrics’, cotton is a common material for t-shirt printing online in India. This is because the fabric provides a nice mix of softness, breathability, and comfort for casual wear. Here are some of the popular kinds of cotton…

    Organic Cotton – Slightly more expensive than its normal counterpart, organic cotton is devoid of chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides that are generally used to grow cotton. It’s eco-friendly and sustainable with a soft touch and feels.

    Combed Cotton – This type of cotton goes through another round of special treatment before being spun into a yarn. It is extremely soft, smooth and durable to make your design more long-standing.

    Slub – A light and airy cotton fabric that doesn’t cling to the body. It has got a unique texture with slight lumps due to the weaving process. Another plus? It doesn’t require ironing.

    Pima/Supima – the highest quality of cotton that comes with extra-long fibres which makes it soft and durable. The material becomes softer with every wash and resists fading or stretching.

    Irrespective of the type of cotton, the more cotton your fabric has, the greater is its ability to absorb colours and paint. Hence, with a printing method that contains water-based ink, complex designs and high levels of detail, cotton will be the ideal choice.

    02. Linen –
    Another natural fabric that is best suited for summertime clothing, this fabric is very lightweight. It is not as common as other materials for custom t-shirts. Nevertheless, it can be a great choice for its moisture-absorbing and breathable feel. But, it may not be suited for all printing techniques.

    03. Polyester –
    It is a synthetic fiber that is common in making sports apparel. It dries out faster, is breathable, and doesn’t wrinkle. The fiber also holds its shape very well. However, a common choice for making sportswear is as comfortable as cotton or linen material.

    Moreover, it is a solid fabric that doesn’t get mold or mildew. Those who hate chores such as laundry and ironing will appreciate polyester clothing.

    04. Lycra –
    It’s a stretchy material added to t-shirts to give them a good athletic fit. It makes athletic clothing and other fabric fit well on the body and also allows easy movement.

    05. Rayon –
    It is yet another human-made material made from a blend of cotton and other woody plants. It was first made as a cheaper type of silk, which has a smooth feel, and like polyester, it is a good material for athletic and outdoor wear for its lightweight feel on the skin.

    However, on the downside, the rayon doesn’t last much longer than other alternatives. Rayon is a great fabric for those who love silk but want it at a lower price. Rayon is woven or knit to be silky and a breathable fabric that drapes easily. It is also great for dying and is highly absorbent. However, it wrinkles easily and can shrink over time.

    06. Modal –
    it’s a type of rayon made from a beechwood plant fiber, a distinctive silky feel, and a beautiful drape. It dries out quickly after getting wet, making it a great option for summer wear. The best part is it’s fade resistant and shrink-resistant and stays soft longer than regular rayon.

    07. Cotton Blend –
    Poly and cotton blends are made from a mix of 50% polyester and 50% cotton. However, the ratio could vary. The blends bring the best of both worlds where it produces a breathable yet soft t-shirt. It tends to hold its shape well compared to other fabrics and is cheaper than 100% cotton.

    08. Tri-Blends –
    A ‘hybrid’ blend of three fabrics – cotton, polyester and rayon –  a tri-blend can make up for the disadvantages of each fabric by offering a well-combined end product.

    For example, the lightness of rayon along with the softness of cotton and durability of polyester can offer the right balance of style, comfort and endurance. Having said that, do check the mixture of fabrics to determine its durability and match for your design.

    Should You Choose Natural or Synthetic Fabrics?
    Natural fabrics have always been a popular choice of fabric for t-shirt printing online. The fibres are extracted from natural sources and then woven into a textile.

    On the other hand, synthetic fabrics are man-made and have a seemingly plastic-like reputation. However, they are a great alternative to natural fabrics and score well when it comes to their comfort and sustainability. They mimic natural fabrics so well that you can tell the difference only by checking the label of the garment.

    Synthetic fabrics are designed to outperform their natural counterparts in certain aspects such as elasticity and impermeability. It is these qualities that have made synthetic fabrics a popular choice for custom t-shirts.

    To determine if a natural or synthetic fabric is the right choice for your design, also consider the type of printing technique you will be using. This is because natural fabrics are able to absorb liquids effectively and synthetic ones tend to repel water.

    When it comes to choosing a fabric, there is no ’one fabric rules all’ solution. Choose the best fabric for your custom t-shirt as per your preferences and design. Ultimately, the fabric you choose should make you look and feel comfortable.

    At aungcrown, we provide a wide range of custom t-shirts suited for multiple occasions. Get in touch with us to find the right kind of custom t-shirts based on your requirements!