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    Knitted hat with a variety of hair can appear to your youth and beautiful

    • Author:AUNG GROWN
    • Source:AUNG GROWN
    • Release on:2017-11-01
    Knitting cap as the most basic winter "warm" single product, it is to enhance the fashion sense of the contribution of fashion can not look down upon. But the problem came, some people wear knitted hoods Western style fashionable, some people are wearing a very soil. In fact, hair is very important, knitted hat with what hair look good? 

    He wearing a white letter embroidery knit hat (knitted beanie with top ball supplier), with Moschino black Logo printed long profile shape sweater, hand care Gucci black print shoulder bag, foot black suede high knee boots, youthful, is simply playful girl. Like Li Feier such a shoulder straight hair, it is very suitable for wearing a knitted hat, because the hair color is natural black, so she chose the contrast of the largest white knit hat to increase the overall fashion sense of fashion. Side exposed ears, even more playful. 

    Air bangs + short hair hair style, with blue hair ball knit cap (knitted winter hat manufacturer china) is also very fresh and seductive, after all, translucent thin Liu Haiwen soft Meng, with curly hair so that the overall temperament gentle and gentle, chestnut hair fresh and fresh fashion. Note that when wearing a knitted hat should be careful not to wear a hat too tight, like she pulled back a little, revealing the full air bangshen was tender fashion. 

    Three-seven micro-roll hair with Chrome Hearts black knit hat (custom winter hats wholesales) is also very nice, exudes lazy charming temperament, and the hair on both sides of the face will be small face, pay attention to the hat is also moved to the hairline position, Forehead, more temperament.