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    Short hair wearing a hat look good

    AUNG GROWN AUNG GROWN 2017-10-31 19:55:04
    Into the short hair like the sea, from the long hair is passers-by. In recent years, more and more girls into the short hair of the pit, a sultry gesture, playing a variety of neutral, playful or personality style. So, how can the perfect shape of the accessories can be decorated? The temperature dips, short hair girls choose a hat how to winter it? 

    Short hair with wool cap look good (custom winter hats with ball on top)
    Wool cap warm and young, short hair girls wearing a wool cap is cute and cute. In winter, many girls like to wear color more colorful wool hat as a clothing embellishment, and instantly break the dull sense of autumn. 

    Short hair wearing a fisherman hat look good (custom bucket hats no minimum)
    In recent years the popular fisherman hat is also very suitable for short hair girls, from the canvas fabric to the present leather fabric, both to keep the fisherman's tide, and more fashionable feeling. 

    Short hair wearing wide-brimmed hat 
    Large wide-brimmed hat has a very long history, and very eye-catching. Girls with wide canopies are very temperament, there are ladies Fan children. Short hair girls can also create the feeling of elegant goddess.