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    Is the protective hat professional anti protection big eaves face mask antivirus useful?

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2020-04-08
    As people pay attention to the spread of Corona Virus by droplets, many people have been smashed into a circle of friends by a PVC mask bucket hat. They think that this PVC mask bucket hat can antivirus.

    But does this hat that seems to prevent droplets have a great effect on preventing the spread of viruses? Aungcrown to introduce this in detail Hats, hope to help everyone to custom.

    Features of PVC mask antivirus bucket hats:

    With the development of the Corona Virus, some antivirus transmission equipment was born on the market, and the antivirus bucket hat is one of the most popular products. In fact, the hat is an improved product of the fisherman hat. Its composition is: bucket hat (100% cotton) + PVC mask (can be changed to food grade FPU material).
    Feature 1: The main function of the antivirus fisherman hat is on the PVC mask. It can wrap around 360 degrees to protect the face, can isolate droplets, isolate ultraviolet rays, isolate dust!
    Feature 2: The PVC mask is removable, can be wiped with alcohol and other disinfectant, and can be recycled. It can not only prevent splashing at close range, but also block the splashed liquid. It is more convenient to protect when riding an electric car at ordinary times and when cycling. It's more convenient.

    Feature 3: This PVC mask can be wiped with disinfectant and will not cause any damage to the mask! After we return home from the outside, we can disinfect and sterilize the hat in all aspects, put it in a ventilated place and wait for the next use!

    Feature 4: The fisherman hat is one hundred measures, practical and beautiful, correct all-round anti-spray, more perfect to achieve the protective effect. After the epidemic is over, sand and dust can also be prevented. I don’t like it anymore. Remove the PVC mask and make a fisherman hat. It can prevent selenium in summer and can be worn at ordinary times. Very practical!
    Is PVC mask antivirus hat useful?

    It should be noted that this protective cap only serves to strengthen the protection!

    Frontline medical staff N95 mouth or medical mouth, goggles, protective face are quite short. General family, but it is really difficult to achieve such complete protection!

    At present, the main transmission routes of the new coronavirus are the respiratory droplets transmission and contact transmission. The transmission routes of aerosols and feces are still to be confirmed. Through epidemiological adjustments. Many cases can be traced to close close contact with the confirmed cases. Plastic masks and anti-spray caps can stop others from sneezing at you. The main mucosal cells of the human body are in the mouth and nasal cavity with respiratory function, and the mask can block the virus.

    It must not be said that with this hat, there is no need to bring a mouthpiece, which must be taken. Now all parts of the country attach great importance to epidemic prevention, and some medical ports in the market are in short supply, and there are only some ones that are not as good as one-time ports, and it is difficult to buy, and it ca n’t be done for 4 hours. Change again. Although it is better than nothing, but wearing this mask to go out, there is a feeling of streaking in the virus! If you are like me, now only one-time mouth placement, this hat is our extra layer of protection barrier!