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    How to choose the style of ladies hats

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2020-03-31
    Regarding the outfit, no matter what type, wearing a hat is the easiest way to make the dress elegant immediately. So what types of ladies hats can you choose? For women who like to dress up, these are fashionable and timeless choices, which are wise choices. However, if you do n’t know much about hats, the variety of hat styles may be overwhelming, then take a look at the types of women's hat styles below and find out which hats suit your personality and style. Although some of them are for specific occasions and festivals, some are traditional, while others are purely fashionable. Hat styles vary by region, but some hats are very uniform across the globe. Let's take a look at the different types of hats and their styles.

    Fedora hats are also commonly called top hats. Fedora hats were one of the classic styles of men's hats, but this situation has gradually changed, and modern women's hats have become more and more popular. It also has more feminine effects such as hat colors, decorative embellishments, hat materials, and increased flower arrangements. These hats are the most popular and elegant choice for most women.
    The bowler hat has a short brim and two eye-like dents. Usually in casual wear, it will be matched with floral dresses, skirts, jeans, one-piece dresses and jumpsuits. Just wear multiple layers of clothing, a fedora, and large brown sunglasses.

    It is usually a long, soft hat made of wool that provides protection and cover during the harsh winters. Now more often we use wool to make this kind of hat, and the choice of wool material is wider, as long as the thread can be used to make this kind of hat. This is also a kind of hat that all of us can use, but we may not know that it is called "Beanie" (Beanie), and there is a more popular name called knitted hat. Over time, this hat is constantly changing styles, more colors, more size, more letter patterns. Beanie (Beanie) looks cute when wearing in winter. If you do n’t comb your hair, just put a beanie on your head, and the image will change immediately.
    If you have a round face or a square face, choose a beanie without a flip-back hat. Ribbed and looser styles can make your face look higher. If you have a long face, you can wear a beanie. Choose a flip-back hem, even with contrasting colors or striped details. Wear a tighter style and stay close to the head to avoid increasing height.

    Beret originated in France and Spain and was initially used as part of military uniforms before gaining popularity. These are usually made of wool, acrylic, cotton, etc. They match perfectly with western-style dresses and look very classic and stylish. Beret also does not have a brim. When it is worn, the top of the head is slightly flat, and the center is exposed. Beret can be worn in the middle or on one side. If you want to wear a European style, it goes well with a formal dress, pencil skirt or trousers suit.
    Chic women have a long history of wearing Beret. Not only for our well-known and favorite fashion icons, but still continue to be the main accessory on the fashion runway.

    When you think of Cowboy, the first thing that comes to mind is riding a Texas cowboy and singing on a ranch somewhere in Texas or New Mexico. Ranch workers in the southern states first started wearing these hats, which had high crowns and large brims. Over time, more women are beginning to wear cowboy hats. The round, curved brim and slightly crowned crown make cowboy hats the most popular among Westerners. In different eras, the shape of cowboy hats has changed to better suit the needs of clothing matching, and gradually Evolved into a form we are more familiar with today. The brim of the hat is curved on the side to avoid being blocked by the rope, and the crown of the hat is elongated for better folding and storage.

    Baseball is the most commonly used hat. It has both the function of protecting eyes from the sun and the use of sports fashion. It consists of a soft hat and a hard sun visor, which can usually be adjusted on the back with a plastic snap-on Velcro or elastic band.

    Sun Hats
    Sun Hats were originally called "life hats", protecting glare from the sun and hot weather of lifeguards sitting in the bay. These hats are usually made of natural grass and are very lightweight. Like all other hats, these hats change with the times, and the style and style constantly change. Beaches, bikinis, swimwear, flowing dresses and sunglasses are the perfect match. The wide brim can play a good shading effect in the sun.

    Floppy Hat
    Floppy Hats have large, fluffy caps that look natural on the head, but they also look more stylish. They can be paired with sportswear, floral dresses, jeans or any casual outfit, all with ease. Wool felt hats are usually made of wool.
    Soft brim hat

    Cloche Hat became popular in France in the early 19th century. Bell caps are usually made of felt and are designed to be clipped to the lower forehead and slightly above the eyes. In the second half of the 19th century, designers began to use buttons, flowers, embroidery, jewelry and other decorative elements to join. Wear a tight dress or more formal clothes to match.

    Golf / Flat Cap
    Flat Cap is also commonly called peak cap, which is usually made of linen and cashmere. Flat caps began to be worn by young people in the 1920s. Both classic plaid and soft herringbone will be charming and traditional. No matter what season, these hats can be worn with jeans and baggy shirts.