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    How to match the boy's autumn and winter hooded sweater?

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2018-10-29
    In this awkward season of autumn and winter, give all boys a dress that will make you easy to take for 7 days without being heavy, and no longer have to worry about wearing it every day. This is the hooded sweater. This artifact is the Hoodie (sweatshirt Hoodie custom) known as the "Ward Warrior" in the sweater.
    Wear it with a hoodie:
    If you wear a hoodie alone, it is worth noting that when you wear the hoodie directly as a jacket, it should be loose and not narrow.
    If the short board is completely wrapped around the upper body, it is really a otaku match, keeping the lower body clean and neat will have a more contrasting feeling, the overall can be more chic.
    Choose a hole cowboy to match, and this combination can make the hoodie's cool and handsome feeling more prominent. If you fold it, that is, the Tee with a hem inside the hoodie is not wrong.
    But be careful, if your body is not tall, choose carefully, because you really "eat" the lower body and appear to have short legs.
    In terms of shoe selection, in addition to sports shoes, boots are highly recommended. The boots themselves are very masculine and tough. The upper legs are paired with the hoodies. It is a good combination of the erector's “unfair” and the overall look will be more handsome and manly.

    Paired with a leather jacket:
    Dissatisfied with a single hoodie(cheap sweatshirt wholesale supplier)? It needs to be worn with other clothes. We found that a lot of trendy men like to wear leather hoodies with hoodies.
    The hoodies are generally cotton material, which contrasts with the smooth surface of the leather jacket. The contrast of different glosses creates a sense of layering and reflects the difference.
    Tightening the zipper, soft and hard combination can reduce the aggressiveness of the appearance, and definitely like the girl:
    Not pulling the zipper is not bad,
    A short leather coat can make people look good enough.
    Note that the colors of the sweater and leather are not too close.
    Otherwise it will lose the layering:
    With a suit:
    Can you imagine wearing a serious suit and a hoodie?
    Breaking the intrinsic thinking is more interesting. If the business elites are tired of suits and suits, this kind of wearing is not a good choice.
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