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    How to match long sweater

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on :2018-10-27
    The long sweater(3D printing long sleeve sweatshirt) can be worn on both sides, with a scarf and a plush cap for a more practical feel.
    [Early autumn with clothes]:
    1, loose hooded solid color long-sleeved sweater
    Exquisite slab T-shirt sweater, large hooded design neckline is very powerful, slight leakage shoulder movement and some small sexy, high-quality cotton, comfortable to wear warm and breathable, the version is very good, very thin and high, oblique The pockets are more casual.
    2, Korean version of the hooded loose long-sleeved sweater
    The bat sturdy sweater jacket, bright pink is the most dazzling early autumn color, the most suitable for early autumn wear or winter, hooded neckline with metal zipper can be seen the exquisite craftsmanship and intention.
    3, loose striped long-sleeved sweater
    Long-sleeved bat sleeve hooded cardigan jacket, long sleeves and high-quality cotton texture are matched, summer and early autumn design, the upper body is very refreshing; bat sleeves(men casual autumn winter top hoodies) and hoodies are the design feeling of the jacket, small street feeling, youthful people!

    4, Monroe round neck bat long-sleeved sweater
    The round neckline design has a watermarked Monroe head on the front, and the version is very loose with a thick circle of cotton. In the style, the most dazzling crab sleeve fluff is used. It is more distinctive, and the medium and long style can be matched with high quality. The underpants are very cool!
    5, with a special pattern printed sweater(weatshirt for women), the color is mainly concentrated in the head, and is a strong contrast with the black, fancy socks so that the sweater is not too flat.
    6, the sweater joined the letters, cartoons and other elements, so that the sweaters with different patterns look dynamic. Extra long scarf and twin sunglasses, but the line of sight will fall into the delicate leggings of the piebald from time to time.