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    How to match hats more popular in winter

    Claire Aung Crown 2020-03-04 17:07:57
    Winter is here, and girls who don’t wash their hair when they do n’t go out are even more lazy to wash their hair, because it ’s really cold and troublesome. Once in winter, I can’t wait to cut short hair, but I ca n’t bear it, so at this time, winter fairy ---- hat! No matter if you are too lazy to go out to wash, or if you do n’t have time to wash your head, you can get a hat!

    Baseball cap
    Baseball caps are the most common and versatile hats in hats. They are really very popular. Trendy men and women wearing baseball caps can be seen everywhere on the streets throughout the year.

    Baseball caps are so versatile and stylish that they are definitely suitable for everyone, so no matter what your face shape is, baseball caps are suitable for you!

    Fisherman hat
    This kind of hat is really suitable as a cover for the oil head that you have not washed in those three days! Because it has a big brim, and it covers you strictly!

    This knitted fisherman hat is suitable for the literary fairy who likes casual dressing. It is very temperament. With a very obvious white temperament makeup, it can't be gentle anymore! "The so-called Yiren" probably said this feeling! And this fisherman hat is also very friendly for round face girls, don't be afraid to show weight!

    wool cap
    This hat sounds so warm! The cold protection and warmth are also very good-looking, it is the best choice for this winter hat!

    Bring this woolen cap and never worry about your head after freezing! No matter what type of clothes you wear, this hat can hold you! But this kind of hat is not suitable for the little fairy with a long face, because the woolen hat is put on the top of the head a little, and it will have a little effect of lengthening the face, so long-faced babies should not try it easily! Babies with round and square faces can dare to try!

    I believe this hat is not unfamiliar to the little fairy. In the past two years, the beret has set off a wave, and I don't know when it started. More and more little fairies have been wearing berets on the street. So, let's get started this winter!

    A few stars went out and also brought this beret. The beret can be said to be the representative hat in the lady's hat. Of course, through matching, you can also take the style of literature or temperament. The beret is very friendly to girls with round faces and long faces, and has a significant visual effect on small faces. However, for girls with obvious contours, they must be cautious, because the beret is more docile. The head of the girl with the prominent cheekbones will cause the cheekbones to be more convex. We must learn to learn from each other when we wear a hat, so Xiaobian recommends not to try it!

    Newsboy hat
    This hat is also a hat that didn't know how to ignite this year. It is full of retro style, suitable for temperamental mature women, or it is a proper college style with a more youthful atmosphere!
    Some people say that this hat is significantly younger and younger, suitable for campus. It looks youthful and lively, full of youthful beauty. Some people say that this hat is easy to mature, and the retro style makes people feel more. In a charming mature lady, in fact, the editor thinks that it is still important to see how you match your clothes! The cute little boy with round face and long face must not miss this very hot newsboy hat, but the newsboy hat is not very friendly to the square face, because the hat of the newsboy hat is wide and flat, and the girl with the square face will bring it The face is large and square, so the girl with a square face starts with caution!

    These are available on our website, please contact us to customize your own hat.