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    How to choose a hat in winter

    Claire Aung Crown 2020-03-06 17:44:51
    The weather is getting colder and colder, and everyone is quietly wearing not only warm coats and trousers, but also all kinds of hats that can block the wind and cold.
    What's even more exciting is that a suitable hat can not only keep the winter temperature, but also soothe the hairline that is fading. You must know that it is too fashionable to use the concave shape to save the boring shape easily!
    However, like the baseball caps and fisherman hats we love to use in summer due to the fabric, it is slightly thinner in winter, so today I recommend a few more suitable hats, which not only use warmer materials, but also easier to make with winter clothing

    Knitted hat
    As long as the weather is cold every year, knitted hats have gradually occupied the streets, because it is convenient and really warm, and even the ears that are most vulnerable to freezing can be protected. With strong practicality, it has never been "outdated" One said.
    However, the cuteness of knitted hats is far more than just warm and portable. It is especially suitable for girls with short or round faces. The vast majority of knitted hats have long faces due to their long hat shape, and the proportion of girls with short faces is more coordinated.
    In contrast, because of its elongated face shape, girls with long faces try not to try it ~
    In addition, please note that this cold hat with the top open is not suitable for girls with square faces. It is easy to contrast with the square jaw or chin to make the face look square.
    Not only does the knitted hat with fur balls on the top look cute, it also has an extra buff that is one second higher, which is super suitable for small girls.
    Another thing to note is that the fabric of the knitted hat will affect the visual head size.
    If the fabric is too thick, the head circumference will look larger than when wearing thin fabrics, and the volume sense of coarse knitting will be much higher than that of fine knitting. Therefore, girls with large heads should choose carefully.

    Newsboy hat
    We can also find that the newsboy hat looks very friendly to the girls on the other side, and the rigid face of the founder will be lined with high-grade.
    The reason is that the top of the newsboy hat is round and the brim is rounded. This can effectively distract human eyes from the hard lines on the face, make the face of the square face softer, and present a kind of rigidity and softness. Sense of quality.
    The round face is not so suitable for wearing a newsboy hat. Repeated arcs will make the round face more prominent and look fat without edges.
    If a girl with a round face wants to wear a newsboy hat, she should choose a hat with a less rounded arc, and a flatter one will be more suitable.

    At first glance, the beret may be similar to a newsboy hat, but if you look closely, you will find that it does not have a brim, and the way to wear it also depends on the elasticity of the bottom of the hat.
    It is this characteristic that determines its high adaptability to the face shape-you can adjust its wearing method to match different face shapes, whether it is worn wearing a crooked face, a little deeper, it is the same fashionable and beautiful.
    The girl with a long face can choose a beret with a slightly larger hat circumference and a deeper tube.
    When you wear it, pull down a bit, cover most of your forehead, hide your long face, it will look more aging.
    The girl with a round face is best to wear the beret obliquely, so as to create a diagonal line, so as to increase the sense of extension.