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    How to clean your favorite baseball cap

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2019-11-26
    The baseball cap is the most common of many hat styles, because it is casual and beautiful, and it is very versatile, which is very suitable for daily life. However, there is a problem for daily wear, that is, wearing more and easy to dirty. Dirty will affect the appearance, and secondly, it is not sanitary, so it is necessary to clean the baseball cap regularly. So how should I wash a baseball cap?

    The cleaning of the baseball cap can be divided into simple cleaning and comprehensive cleaning. If there is only a little dirt on the surface to remove, of course, only simple cleaning is required. Cleaning.

    Simple cleaning:
    For simple cleaning of a baseball cap, you only need to find a clean cotton cloth and wipe it with water. If the stain is stubborn, you can add a little detergent. After cleaning the stain, wipe it with water and wait until the hat is natural. Just air dry.
    Full cleaning
    To fully clean the baseball cap, you first need to prepare a basin of warm water with detergent; (the temperature of the water should not be too hot, and it will easily cause the baseball cap to deform.) Next, we will put the baseball cap that needs to be cleaned into warm water. Similarly, you can use a cotton cloth to gently scrub the entire Shushu Cap. If you find that it is particularly dirty or difficult to clean, you can use a soft brush to scrub it separately.

    Some dirt-stricken areas like the sweat band inside the hat body can be scrubbed repeatedly several times; after scrubbing the stains, you can prepare another pot of clean warm water (this time without adding detergent) and put the baseball cap Wash the baseball cap whole with clean cotton cloth after entering the warm water. Repeat several times to thoroughly clean the hat after washing the baseball cap

    Next, you need to dry the hat (don't put the hat in the washing machine for dehydration in order to dry it). You can gently shake the baseball cap first, shake off some moisture first, and then place the hat in a ventilated place to air dry. Yes, pay attention to laying the baseball cap flat, do not hang it, and do not place it in direct sunlight (if you want to put
    You can use a paper towel to cover the place where it is directly exposed to sunlight to prevent it from fading.) In order to keep the shape of the baseball cap, you can put a little stuffing (cotton or waste paper) inside the baseball cap

    After the baseball cap is dry, if you still find some dust, hair, etc., you can use the tape to gently clean it. The cleaning of this baseball cap is completely completed.
    It is worth noting that if you are cleaning a printed baseball cap, it is best not to wash it with water, because it may cause discoloration, it is best to use dry cleaning.