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    Do you know how to buy winter hats?

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2019-12-02
    When winter is here, everyone has a need to buy hats to keep warm. There are many precautions and tips when buying winter hats. the custom hats factory aungcrown to make a summary of some winter hat purchases.
    1. Pay attention to the materials of winter hats when purchasing winter wool hats. There are many materials for wool hats, wool, overall appearance and mixed materials. Not only does the cap keep warm, but it doesn't hurt in contact with the head. But pure wool wool hats are generally very expensive, so you must choose within your means.
    2. Winter hats When buying a baseball cap, you need to check whether it is thick material. Summer baseball caps have almost no warming effect in winter, unless it is only for decoration. In this case, you must consider whether you also need a warming effect Good scarf. Winter baseball caps are generally a kind of furry feel material, the cap is very thick, and the thermal effect is also good. There are also some baseball caps stitched with cotton materials.

    3. The choice of top hats for winter hats is relatively small, but the style of top hats is indeed very fashionable. Therefore, when buying a winter top hat, you should consider whether the hat you wear in winter is for warmth or fashion. Of course, not all top hats are good at keeping warm. Some top hats made of woolen materials are good in wind protection.
    4. The purchase of Lei Feng hats in winter is a decision that requires caution. Although Lei Feng hats have a good thermal insulation effect, they are not suitable for everyone, because Lei Feng hats are large and have ear protectors on both sides. This depends on the style and Does the color match you?