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    How to choose and wear your socks ?

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2020-11-05
    The days when sock drawers were filled with nothing but white tube socks are over. Second that for mountains of plain black dress socks. Whether it’s bold colors, striking patterns, or novelty repeats, the standard for men’s socks has shifted in a big way.

    Believe it or not but socks are very important to the life of your shoes. As feet are prone to sweating, this can cause damage to the footwear, which highlights the importance of a good quality pair of socks so make sure you are opting for right pair.

    Why wear socks ?
    Socks, far from being just a fashion accessory like many others, perform a lot of functions, namely:
    They allow the feet to adapt perfectly to the shoes, especially during sports activities. Like a shock absorber, the socks ensure the comfort of the soles during their movement;
    In this same aim, the sock also dampens the friction that may occur during walking or moving. There is no risk of blisters
    The wearing of socks reduces dirt that can directly damage the shoes. Easier to clean than the latter, socks are practical hygiene;
    The internal hygiene of shoes and feet is also ensured by wearing socks. By sponging and wicking away perspiration, the risk of unpleasant odors is reduced;
    Like all tight clothing, a pair of socks always keep your feet warm;
    Well-apparent or interview when the edge of the pants is slightly raised, the sight of a sock can elegantly fill the aesthetic of the adopted dress style.away from bacterial and fungal infection.

    please note
    * Styling knee high socks with boots is both an opportunity to transform an outfit and a way to let your personality shine. They’re durable, they stay put on calves of all sizes and are comfortable enough to wear all day.

    * On a rainy day rubber boots are a necessity, it becomes important to make sure feet stay warm, comfortable and, most importantly, dry. Pairing rubber boots with quick-drying, cushioned crew socks will enhance the comfort.

    * For those looking for a visible, stylish option should wear knee socks with ankle boots. Don’t let more than 2-3 inches of your sock peek out over the top of your ankle boot.

    * If you prefer socks to stay hidden; a pair of comfortable no-show socks with casual sneakers should be your go-to. It covers enough of the foot to stay in place while remaining out of sight. Best of all, they don’t slip.

    * For a sports enthusiast, who is very fond of running and playing or just walking around, sports socks paired with running/walking shoes will be the best pick. Sports sock absorbs sweat keeping the feet

    The details to take into account to choose your pairs of socks:
    Set the HEIGHT of the socks that will suit you, depending on the circumstances in which you will wear them. Knee-high, modern sock, sock, invisible sock, choose from these 4 height options.
    Depending on the season and the activities you plan to perform, choose the MATERIALS between silk, wool and Scotland yarn, for optimum comfort.
    The COLOR of your socks, though usually barely perceptible, is a detail that should not be overlooked. It will fix or spoil the look you want to borrow.
    The right balance between these three previous criteria will ensure the harmony of the style of dress you would like to wear. Also, set the LOOK in advance to better find you when selecting.
    Following the different brands and ranges that are available on the market, a comparison of the PRICES of the different BRANDS is always necessary when buying your socks.

    Socks, however irrelevant they seem, are the most essential part of a man’s dressing. They are the caretakers of your shoes and feet, and a style quotient to add in your attire. Socks can never be optional, and they should always complement your attire as well as your shoes. Here are five basic rules for your everyday dressing:

    * Play safe and wear black: If you are someone who doesn’t know the art of wearing socks, classic black dress socks paired with a smart tuxedo and formal or brogue shoes will make you look classy and elegant.

    * Striped and patterned socks: Go for cotton and cotton blended striped and patterned socks for casual sneakers.

    * Matching up is important: It is very important to keep the colour of your dress socks matching to your trousers for suits. Always choose a pair of socks that are either a shade darker or lighter than the trousers.

    * No show socks: Wearing a sock-less look does not mean literally going sock-less. A smartly and elegantly designed pair of no-show socks will keep your feet comfortable, stylish, and dry. No-show socks are best friends of Oxfords shoes, loafers and casual sneakers.

    If you can not select your own right socks, welcome contact aungcrown to custom.