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    Easy Ways to Wash a Hoodie you need to know

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2020-11-03
    Aungcrown sweatshirts stand the test of time, and proper care for your collection can add even more years to the lifespan of each one you own. From the Inventor of the Sweatshirt, here are the do's and don'ts when it comes to properly caring for cotton and wool sweatshirts and hoodies. Become an expert at preserving and folding your favorite pieces with the following maintenance tips.

    1. Washing Machine
    Check the label to see if the clothing is washer-friendly. Most cotton-blend or cotton hoodies are machine washable. Wool, however, is not as tough as cotton and the fabric will get damaged in a washing machine and ruin the hoodie. If your hoodie is made of wool, you’ll need to take it to the dry cleaners.
    You can dry clean cotton, but since it’s tougher it can be machine washed many times.

    Turn the hoodie inside out. Make sure to zip any zippers before doing so to keep them from snagging on other pieces of clothing in the washer. Washing the hoodie this way not only cleans the inside material, it protects the finish of the outside of the hoodie.
    When you turn the hoodie inside out, don’t forget to pull the hood and sleeves out of the middle of the garment. Otherwise, they won’t get cleaned properly!

    Wash the hoodie with similar pieces of clothing. To prevent color transfer, wash the hoodie with items that have a similar color. Do not wash your hoodie with towels, as the lint from the towels can end up sticking to the hoodie.
    Try to wash your hoodie in a smaller load to clean it as well as you can.
    Items Similar to Hoodies: Sweatshirts, winter jackes, and sweatpants

    Use cold water and mild detergent when washing your hoodie. This will help the hoodie keep its appearance for as long as possible. Mild detergent is gentle on the material, while cold water helps it keep its shape. If you use hot water, the material will shrink. Pick the delicate cycle on your washing machine to keep the material safe.

    Consult the hoodie’s care tag label to see how much detergent you should use.

    2. Washing the Hoodie with Your Hands
    Fill a bucket big enough to fit your hoodie with cold water. You’ll be dunking your hoodie in the cold water, so you want to use a bucket that will allow you to do this. If you don’t have a bucket big enough for the job, fill up your bathtub or sink.
    Water will most likely spill out of the bucket when you do this, so make sure to work in an area that won’t be affected by this.
    Tip: Your garage, back porch, or bathtub would work well for washing your hoodie.

    Apply mild soap or shampoo by rubbing it onto the hoodie. If you’re using a bar of soap, wet it slightly and gently rub the inside and outside of your hoodie until every part has been covered. If you’re using body wash or shampoo, squeeze a small amount onto a damp cloth and rub the cloth all around the hoodie.
    Always apply the soap or shampoo above the bucket of water. This makes cleaning up after you’re done that much easier!

    Rinse the soap or shampoo off with cold water. Take a cloth and wipe away the visible soap or shampoo. If you miss any of soap or shampoo, it could stain the hoodie.
    Feel free to dunk the hoodie into your bucket of water multiple times to get all the soap or shampoo out.

    please note:
    1. Use the Right Detergent
    When you take a trip down the laundry aisle at your local store, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There are countless detergents to choose from. There are different brands, different formulas, different scents… The list goes on and on. Many people base the decision of what to use solely on price or fragrance, but that isn’t always the best option.

    If you want to keep your favorite sweatshirt soft and extend its life, you need to use mild laundry detergent. You also need to be sure to use that detergent according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

    2. Remove Stains the Right Way
    No matter how careful you are, stains are just a part of life. When you need to get stains out of your shirt, be sure to do so the right way. Most stain removal products are harsh and can actually damage the fabric while removing the stain. Instead of using harsh chemicals to clean your favorite sweatshirt, consider trying some natural stain-removal remedies. They’re much safer for your sweatshirt and many of them work even better than expensive stain removal products.

    3. Don’t Use Fabric Softener
    Using fabric softener is a great way to keep your sweatshirt soft, right? Unfortunately, no. Fabric softeners tend to build up on garments, and they can actually make them feel less soft. They can also damage certain properties in sweatshirt fabrics so they are best to avoid.

    4. Launder Sweatshirts with Similar Items
    To keep sweatshirts in good condition, they should be laundered with similar items. They shouldn’t be washed with jeans or heavy jackets that could cause damage. You should also avoid washing your sweatshirts along with towels and other high-lint items. Fleece attracts lint, and when it builds up, it can create a scratchy, uncomfortable feeling. Be sure to wash your favorite sweatshirt with other garments that are similar in color, too, to avoid stains.

    5. Run an Extra Rinse Cycle
    Normally, we are all about conserving water. When it comes to keeping your favorite sweatshirt nice and soft though, an extra rinse cycle is a must. Running your sweats through an additional rinse cycle ensures that every trace of detergent has been removed. And ensuring that all of the detergent has been rinsed away is an important step when it comes to ensuring that your shirt stays soft.