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    How to choose and wear a beret

    • Author:ryan
    • Source:www.wholesaler-hats.com
    • Release on:2014-05-15

    How to choose and wear a beret

       Beret comes from the army uniforms , so itis a symbol of the military forces before . While now it has developed into afashion accessory and pop elements. We all know even has a beret , but if youclearly do know the ways of beret wearing, below is some shares for you.

    pink beret

       The kind of Lovely color beret is verysuitable for young women , not only because of its style , but also the vividbeautiful colors can make people feel good, and show their full beauty. So alittle brighter color beret is more suitable for those youth, especially thelovely girls.

       Angora beret is very popular in the winter,the ways of its wearing depends on the effect of keep warm , pure angora woolberet cap perfects very well in keeping warm . If it is not so cold , wear ingsuch a hat you can even feel a little hot . So when comes to the choice ofAngora beret, you had better see the climate and tastes of wool hats.


       Spotted beret fits friends fullof Curiosity, they chase the trend of fashion .Wearing a beret like that can bea good express of their own personality .If you are a fashion lover , it willbe a good try. While in the winter some of the darker color maybe the better choicefor decoration.

       Through the introduction above, Ibelieve that you have a more in-depth understanding of how to wear a beret. Butin fact the ways of wearing a beret is not just so little. There are many otherwearing method , depending on the situation and the scene and different needs ,I hope everyone can explore one of their own .