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    Benefit of wearing a hat

    • Author:Ryan
    • Source:www.wholesaler-hats,com
    • Release on:2014-05-27

       Keep the head warm: head is called " warmcontrol center ." Medical studies have found that the man still and do notwear hats , the heat loss from the head is about 30% of total calories intemperature 15 ℃ , while the number will increase to 60% in 4 ℃ . If thehead catch a cold , can cause cerebral vasoconstriction , ranging feeldizziness, headache , or cause scalp hair follicle nutrient cycle disorders andmetabolic disorders , leading to nutritional imbalance or a large number ofhair unnatural hair loss . Worst of all , induce severe patronize some diseases. Thus, in the cold winte , compared with other parts of the body , the headneed more protection from a hat

       Keep the dust away: in Winter, especiallyin today's increasingly serious pollution, wind, dust and more bad Factors willdo harm to the head. when the hair was blown mess ,the dust and Microorganismstick the head in the hair is like sand on the sandpaper, raging on your scalpas you clean your hair in the daily life, which increase the friction betweenthe comb and the hair . Those invisible microbes may cause your scalp bacteria, and even cause hair follicle infection , directly affect the environment andquality of life of the hair growth . The friction may cause hair curled or thesurface of the hair, the hair surface becomes rough, or even lead to serioushair, split ends, broken. At this time, wearing a comfortable and stylish hat ,is like a protective function of the coat for the hair , keep from the invasionof dust and microorganisms.

       Keep from the UV radiation:  Many beauty-conscious ladies will take heavilyarmed protective measures during the summer, especially hold a colorfulumbrella, keep from the sun and show both fascinating and charming, while inthe winter, they often overlook the power of the sun , even chase the steps ofthe sun. In fact, due to the air is dry, the sun's ultraviolet is not low , sodo not ignore the winter sun. Avoid a overexposure to the sun. So, in order toavoid UV damage , choose a style and color hat that matches the clothing , willbe a smart choice.

       Reducing the burden of cleaning hair: Inaddition to three tips mentioned above , the more important point make the hat sopopular is it can simplify the care of hair . Ever you will not need a hairstyle prepared , a little hat can keep the hair saucy in the head and temples ,which reduces the burden the hair style ,so why not give a try?