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    How to choose and match the sports caps?

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2019-12-17
    In the boom of national sports fitness, sports has become a fashion trend, and the matching of sports caps and sportswear has become the focus of people's attention. The combination of hats and clothes can not only make people more comfortable to exercise, but also change the overall image and atmosphere of a person, so it is necessary to choose a sports cap and sportswear that suits you.
    1.How to choose sports caps
    When buying sports caps, you should choose according to your needs. People with darker skin tones should choose darker sports hats with darker colors, which can make people look less dark. When choosing a hat, choose a suit that suits you, and the size should be appropriate. In addition, you should pay attention to the matching with the clothing. The choice of sports cap also depends on the face shape and figure, and the age and hairstyle also need to be coordinated. People with long faces should not wear wide hats. Face shape should not wear a high-top sports cap.
    Taller ones are not suitable for wearing tall sports hats. Hats also depend on their age. Older people should not buy too fancy sports hats, and try to pick some dark ones. In addition, quality is also very important. Be sure to check that the sewing needle is neat and clear, so that it is not easy to take off the thread, and it is not easy to stain.

    2, hat and clothing
    In spring and summer, sports caps can be paired with some T-shirts, and non-sports can be paired with some jeans or vest skirts. In autumn and winter, you can match some sports suits and sports casual clothes, and the tops can also be matched with denim and hooded coats. And most of the hats are very fashionable with sports skirts and plaid shirts. In winter, they can be matched with baseball jackets, which will look very international.
    The matching of sports caps is actually very simple. It is mainly based on different occasions and seasons to match different clothing.