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    How to Choose a Running Hat in 2022

    • Author:Aung Crown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2022-04-15
    A running hat is a versatile accessory to keep in your arsenal, and it can serve a range of functions. From providing cooling comfort and sun protection to offering extra warmth and visibility, a hat is a great companion on your outdoor runs. Here at aungcrown, we carry a wide selection of running hats to accommodate sizing, functionality, and personal style. Let's look at the specific characteristics of running hats to help you discover which one is right for you.

    The Importance of Running Hats
    Running hats are actually more than just a fashion statement.

    If you worry about the dangers of sun exposure or are not a fan of wearing sunglasses while exercising, a proper running hat is often a must for these sunny and hot days.

    And just like sweatbands, a good running hat will help wick sweat away from your eyes and face.

    What’s more?

    Some running hats also feature UV protection to protect you from the sun.

    Running hats can also help keep your head in the cold season as well as prevent rain from running in your eyes.

    They also look cool.

    What more can I say?

    These are enough reasons to convince anyone.

    However, the variety of features, such as fit, moisture transfer, and visibility, can make it tricky to decide which running hat is best for you.

    In short, your running hat should be:

    Breathable to keep your head cool and dry during training in the heat
    Comfortable to wear for extended periods
    Shield the top of your head from the harmful UV rays
    Sweat-wicking to prevent sweat from running down your face
    Durable but lightweight.

    Styles and fits of running hats
    The most important part of choosing your perfect running cap is how it fits. If you’re focusing more on discomfort than your run, an ill-fitting hat could inhibit your performance. There are multiple types of fits for you to consider, and you should select the one you find most comfortable. They are:

    Fitted: A fitted hat is the best option to most accurately fit your head dimensions. To measure your head, use a soft tape measure and wrap it around the circumference of your head slightly above your ears and eyebrows (where the hat would rest on your head). Make sure to try on sizes above and below your measured size to ensure it is comfortable.

    Snapback or Strapback: You can alter the diameter of the hat to fit your head with an adjustable strap or band. This strap can be made of leather, hook and loop fasteners, plastic or a poly band.

    Flexfit: Flexfit hats will typically come in a generic S/M or L/XL. The elastic lining allows the hat to stretch to the shape of your head.

    Beanie: This hat is more of a one-size-fits-all style, as it stretches to fit over your head. Make sure the hat isn’t too loose, as it could slide off your head. A workout beanie shouldn’t slouch off your head, either.

    Visor: Unlike the other running hats, a running visor does not have material that covers the top of your head. This openness allows for less weight on your head, but it also exposes the top of your head to the elements. If you wear a high ponytail, this could be a good option for you.

    About materials:
    The materials used to make the running cap make it more usable and fit for running in summer.

    Some of the considerations you need to note when checking the materials include breathability, the weight of the cap, the added mesh inside or around the cap to provide an escape for moisture, and of course, the fabric used to make the cap.

    Long-time and experienced summer runners often choose caps that use mesh and polyester fabric. Many runners have realized that the air flows freely in caps made with these materials.

    What is the primary purpose of your cap?
    Some want to use one cap for running, one for casual walks, and other caps for other purposes. Choosing specific caps for each purpose is easier than choosing one cap for all multifunctional use.

    This would mean you would have to balance out what specific features you would want to have in your cap as you would use it for all the occasions and events mentioned herein.

    Running out under the heat of summer requires explicitly certain features, which include being easily tucked away in your pocket when you want to feel the breeze of the air through your hair. This means that your cap should have easy makeup based on the textile used to craft your cap.

    Another great feature in the best running cap for summer that you would use as you go out and run is the UV protection that is often embedded on the cap’s surface. This feature makes it easier for the sun’s rays to bounce back and balances the heat that strikes the cap from the heat penetrating the fabric.

    What about if you choose to run out on a summer night? You might want to pick a cap with a reflector. This feature will make it easier for motorists and other people you may be in contact with as you run, even when it is dark.