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    How To Choose Summer Bucket Hat In 2022

    • Author:Aung Crown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2022-04-24
    Choosing a good sun hat is very important. Not only do 1/3 of all skin cancers appear on the face but the biggest cause of premature aging is cumulative damage of the sun from infancy on up. So let's get started finding the perfect sun hat for you.

    When to Wear a Bucket Hat
    Today, thanks to tropical military uniforms, bucket hats have more of a warm-weather connotation and are usually seen in a canvas or twill fabric. But like their predecessor, they still come with a wide, downward-sloping brim that spans the entire perimeter of the crown.

    That makes the accessory an ideal add when the sun is super sweltering. It'll protect your face, especially your forehead, but also extend that coverage to the back of your neck. Plus, unlike a trucker hat, it protects the scalp, too — which can definitely get sunburnt.

    How to Pick the Right One
    Try one that's noticeably textural. Seriously. If you pick a plain cotton one, that's fine, but it won't look nearly as cool as a corduroy, ventile, seersucker or soft terry one. The visible texture distracts the eye from asking the brain why the hell you're wearing a bucket hat. But, all kidding aside, everyone should feel confident in one. The only time anyone, in my opinion, looks off or odd in one is when the bucket hat is either too big or too small. The brim shouldn't hang below your eyes and the crown shouldn't sit atop your head like a tiara.

    Let’s now discuss what you need to do in order to choose an ideal bucket hat.
    Material: Most of the bucket hats are made of cotton and cotton blend. Sometimes, it is mixed with polyester or coated for a more water resistant ability. There are also other materials such as denim. However, while denim is young and fun, it is more suitable for a cooler day rather than wearing it out in the sun in the summer.

    Style Variation: You can never find a simpler hat than a bucket hat. However, it still comes with different style variations and the choice of what to have depends purely on your personal preferences. You can choose between a chin strap and a tie. You need to consider choosing a snap up brim or an attached irremovable brim.

    Colors And Patterns: If you like it plain and simple, go for a solid plain color such as white or black. There are also many other colors such as khaki, light blue, olive green and brown. If you want to pursuit a bolder style, go for patterns. There are a lot of patterns for you to choose from including floral and stripes. You can also think about buying a reversible hat so that you can have two colors, two styles to change in one single hat.

    Here are some suggested looks you can try with your bucket hat:

    1. Casual Look
    Perhaps the most common way to use your bucket hat is to use it with your normal daily casual style. Since it is the most popular look, there are a lot of modifications and varieties for you to try as well.

    For the top, you can go with a simple T-shirt. In case it is a little bit cooler, probably in the autumn, wear a sweatshirt. Combine these top with a pair of Jeans. A more casual option is a pair of joggers or shorts. On the opposite, wear a pair of chinos to create a smarter look. The best footwear is a pair of trainers.

    Color is the thing that you need to pay attention to here. To play it safe, you can wear a bucket hat with a plain, solid dark color such as black. Or you can color match your bucket hat with one piece of your clothing.

    If you want your look to be more colorful and playful, you can wear a bucket hat in floral prints, tonal prints or stripes. You can also try neon colored hat to look even bolder. However, make sure that you don’t wear a lot of neon colors in your clothes; otherwise, you might end up looking like a clown and that is for sure.

    2. Street Look
    If you want to create a bolder and more unique look than just your casual style, take a look at how you can incorporate your bucket hat with your street inspired outlook.

    With this style, you are free to try different colors with also different and unique patterns. Keep in mind that no matter what colors you are wearing in your bucket hat, to make your appearance look as smooth and stylish, make sure the color of the hat still matches with one piece of your clothing such as your pair of joggers. Alternatively, your bucket hat’s color can match with the color of other pieces of your accessories such as your footwear or your bag.

    And don’t think that men can’t wear floral. In fact, it is totally ok to wear floral and a floral bucket is one of the trendiest items you can have in 2017. It does not make you girly, but surely helps you catch a lot of attention with a trendy and fashionable look.

    3. Smart Look
    Finally, you can even wear a bucket hat with your smart outfit. Some of you might be skeptical about wearing such an informal hat along with a smart and formal outlook. But it is easier that what you might think about. You can wear a bucket hat with a sweater in the autumn or an Oxford shirt in the summer to create a bold and unique smart look.

    Of course when incorporating an informal hat to a less formal pieces of clothing, you should choose a plain solid bucket hat with no pattern. The best choices would be black or white bucket hat.