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    How To Wear Summer Hats For Women

    • Author:Aung Crown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2022-04-13
    Now that summer has set in, it’s time to look for some protection that will shield you from the sun’s harmful rays. There’s no better way to achieve that than with a summer hat that adds some extra glam to your outfit. But you don’t want to look the odd one out when sporting a summer hat. To help you out, we’ve got 3 inspirational styling ideas that will make you stand out in a summer hat.

    Summer Styles
    Baseball cap
    The baseball cap may have a sporty rep, but the good news is that you don't need to be breaking a sweat to wear one. A black leather or neon cap can bring some street style to an athleisure look, while a simple white number adds a practical but preppy touch to your favorite summer sundress.

    Trucker cap
    The gritty, mesh-y cousin of the baseball cap, the trucker cap was the headwear of choice for farmers and truck drivers back in the '80s. Channel that road-tripping Americana theme and pair it with solid black tank and worn jeans, or a soft-knit camo print tee and shorts.

    Bucket hat
    For many of us, bucket hats might bring back vivid memories of the '90s, but they actually first hit the fashion scene during the Mod era of the 1960s. Depending on which retro vibe you're leaning into, wear it with wide-leg jeans and a printed tee or try it with a shift dress and wedges.

    How to Find the Right Hat for You
    ‘My advice would always be to keep it simple and go for quality; buy one great quality hat that you can wear with everything and will last you for years to come. It won’t go out of fashion, will become a trusted wardrobe staple and will look and feel completely different from a cheaper version. And by the time you’ve brought a couple of cheaper hats that won’t last the season you are much better off making the investment.’

    Colour schemes
    ‘What colour are your coats, jackets and scarves? The answer to this question tends to reflect the colours you wear most often and feel most comfortable in. It’s a great starting point and tends to steer towards one of two camps; either black and blue hats or brown and taupe hats. While everyone seem to love grey. What is your skin tone? A hat sits right next to your face, so it’s really important to go for a felt colour that suits your skin tone; something that brings warmth and colour to your skin and doesn’t wash you out:

    Pale skin and light skin tones: Darker colours like grey, brown, burgundy, green and dark blue will contrast with your skin and bring warmth and colour. I would suggest avoiding black as this can wash out pale skin.

    Olive skin tones: This warmer complexion will suit a much wider range of colours. Most colours will look great on you but try to opt for shades that are either slightly brighter or darker than the middle ground.

    Darker skin tones: You can pretty much wear any colour you like but try to keep some contrast between your skin colour and the felt colour.’

    Watch your head
    ‘If you are tall, you can wear wide-brimmed hats and can carry contrasting colours. Try to avoid small and short brimmed hats as they will look out of proportion with the rest of your body.’ ‘If you are smaller in height, avoid wearing wide-brimmed hats and instead choose a brim that stays within the width of your shoulders. Choosing a hat that’s a similar colour to your outfit can help to create the illusion of a few extra inches.’

    Flatter your face
    ‘If your face shape is round, try to avoid wearing hats with a round crown and instead go for something more angular. You can wear a medium to wide brim but make sure you have some height in the crown to elongate the face. If you have a long face, go for a medium sized brim and a shorter crown to balance out the length of your face. If you have a small face and delicate features, opt for a style that has a small brim so that it doesn’t swamp you.’

    Fedoras and Trilbies
    The fedora is versatile and great with almost everything. If you have a round face, this will flatter and compliment your features. Opt for classic colours such as navy, camel or khaki.

    Wearing a summer hat is a perfect way of beating the summer heat while adding that fashionable touch to your outfit. All the above mentioned ideas will make you look your best. Therefore, it doesn’t matter which one you choose since at the end of the day you get a look that is super chic and absolutely cool.