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    How should men wear winter hats in winter?

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on :2018-10-11
    The weather is getting cold, and of course there is no hat(custom winter hat) to go out. Speaking of hats, it does not have the choice of so many other styles, as well as everyone in winter. Come and talk to you today, how to wear a hat in winter, can look good and handsome, not like bandits.
    Taiwan's first influx male Eugene Tong, who pays close attention to him knows that the hat is almost his must-have autumn and winter configuration. (I will start with his personal demonstration)
    Black, gray, and blue are the most suitable colors for boys. In the cold weather in winter, the cool colors appear to be stable and mature.
    Light gray blue, earthy color (khaki) is also a hot choice for hipsters to go out, colorful hats, even if you can buy, the overall mix will conflict.
    ●Tips1 hat × coat
    The hat is matched with the tweed coat, and the texture of the coat is used to match the overall focus with the visual focus.
    The hat cleverly catches the eyeball, the focus is on the top, with sunglasses, if you feel too mature, white T and sports canvas shoes, playful and lively, so no one said that you are too old-fashioned.
    ●Tips2: hat × jacket
    There is no conflict in how to wear a hat. The black and white simple style is never set. The black hat is equipped with a white jacket, and the zipper allows you to wear a trendy taste. These two black and white dresses that are super loved, white shoes must not be less.

    ●Tips3: hat × sweater
    The hat has a ball of hair. If you are young, you can wear it. If you are uncle, don't try it. The home page feels a lot naive.
    ●Tips4: hat × down jacket
    The down jacket is decorated with an intermediate layer, and the gray cap with the same color as the suit pants is worn, and a pair of sneakers are worn to brighten the match. The light color combination successfully eliminates the expansion feeling of the down jacket.
    ●Tips5: fluffy hat × denim
    The denim jacket is more lively cloth bag and button decoration. The basic hat is not as good as the fluffy hat, and the pattern on the hat is distinctive.
    ●Tips6: fluffy hat × shirt
    The combination of the shirt and the hat, the wearing method is to pull back and expose the forehead.
    Finally, let's take a look at the star wearing a hat(wholesale beanie factory) LOOK, hat wild, in addition to the above mentioned, can also be matched with other single items .... are properly worn out.